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Health Science 2A

Deidre Harper

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Dermatology

Type of Work Done Educational Requirements Working Conditions Dermatology By: Deidre Harper 2A A dermatologist's job is to diagnose/treat diseases of the skin, hair, nails, and mucous membrane. Up to 12 years; 4 year college, medical school, post graduate medical training, residency, internship, and certification exam Those who have their own practice can usually control their working environment. But the norm is upscale, comfortable conditions. Personal Qualities In this profession you must contain good bedside manners, approachable personality, confident demeanor, and have attention to the patients' concern. Licensure, Certification, Registration Requiremnets Bachelor's Degree
Doctoral Degree in medicine Possible Places of Employment American Board of Dermatology
Women's Dermatologic Society
American Academy of Dermatology Wages and Benefits +193,870 median salary, self employed arrange their own benefits, if not it usually includes paid holiday and vacations, health insurance, and retirements plans Job Outlook for the Future Dermatologists advance as they gain experience in the field and their practice grows. May specialize in areas such as pediactric or cosmetic, which are the most popular and can move in advancement. This job would be good for me because I can relate and want people to feel good about themselves because their looks are what they can be most insecure about. Resources: 1.career.qandas.com/career-guide/dermatology.html
4.book- career discoveries encyclopedia (6th edition)
CC 331. 70 CAR Ferguson
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