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"My Name is Angie" - English Assignment Seminar

Group members: Rochelle, Mohammed, Natalie

Natalie Vee

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of "My Name is Angie" - English Assignment Seminar

My Name is By: Beverly Terrel-Deutsch Plot Diagram Introduction Inciting Action Rising Action Climax Resolution Falling Action Angie is introduced as a shy, introverted and fashionable girl
Didn't enjoy school as a young child because of her inability to memorize and recite her time tables (bullied)
Referred to as, 'the girl with the blue jacket'
Found that turning to the 'unchanging pattern of times tables' calmed her down About the Author Will Angie do something
to calm Alex down? Setting Winter
Rural community (farms, fields of various farm animals, grove of trees) Alex
Vice-president of Student Council
Considered 'popular' and well-respected by the student body School bus comes to pick everyone up in the morning
Angie doesn't want boys to sit beside her Prayers are granted - Angie silently admires Alex because she believes that Alex is 'perfect' Alex sits beside Angie Characters Bus begins to near a bridge over rushing water
The bus hits a patch of ice and skids off course
Front third of the bus hangs off the bridge Bus driver tells everyone to be quiet and assures all the students that a transport truck had seen them, and that everything was going to be okay
Alex begins to panic Out of habit, Angie takes Alex's arms and begins to recite the time tables
Despite the fear and hysteria of the moment, everyone follows Angie's voice and calms down
Everyone cheers, whistles, and claps for Angie, yet no one knows her name
Principal asks for her name The principal Angie thanks the bus driver for saving the students and keeping them calm
But the bus drivers rejects the congratulations and instead gestures to Angie A transport truck arrives shortly after and pulled the bus back on the bridge Beverley Terrell-Deutsch Psychologist
Previously published works on childhood psychology we have no idea who she is Angie Alex
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