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Children's Hospital

No description

Kip Larpenter

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of Children's Hospital

The Children's Hospital
What We Can Do
As most kids there under tons of stress, we can just play with kids and have so much fun and excitement not even knowing you are doing such a good thing. We can also help the hospital staff, plan events, and help the Welcome Program.
Highlands Ranch Location
As the new Children's Hospital opened in Highlands Ranch on December 19, 2013, it is a destination for help, because of the new employees, and many patients. As all of there amazing services
they provide like: 24/7 Urgent Care, Hospital Care, Physical Therapy, and there are so much reasons why we should volunteer at this hospital.
The Children 's Hospital is an amazing place to volunteer at, because of all of the amazing things they do there. Helping kids with illness and injuries are just a few things there always needing help with. At the hospital, we can do so much effective things to help.
Why We Want To Volunteer
The Children's Hospital is a great place because they take kids with injuries or kids that are extremely sick. The hospital helps kids get better and they make them feel good. They give kids in need a chance for excitement, encouragement, and just plain happiness! This is a new, better way to run and it is such a great place.
Their Unbreakable Mission
Welcome Program
The welcome program is one of the many great things about the children hospital. In the welcome program they take families that are over 50 miles away and help them with there financial aid and getting used to being there, because they will have to stay for a while. Also they give you a plan of what you will be doing before surgery/treatment during and after they just make your stay easier and less stressful, and when you are traveling, if your child is sick, you
are most likely going to be stressed.
Founded in 1908, Children's Hospital Colorado was a private Hospital, not-for-profit pediatric healthcare network dedicated 100 percent to caring for kids. With more than 2,000 pediatric specialists and more than 5,000 full-time employees, Children's Hospital Colorado is home to a number of people.
Fun Facts
The best thing about Children's Hospital is always the
! Not like other hospitals, Children's Hospital will let you choose what doctor you want for your appointment. You can plan your visit to the Children's Hospital and talk to your doctor and even look at your readings on My Chart. It is a new way to see your body facts faster.
Thanks for watching
Buffalo Wild Wings
We have asked Buffalo Wild Wings to help us with raising money to go to The Children's Hospital that we are supporting. What might happen if we get chosen is that we go to BWW and eat! That will help a ton! Because x amount of profit will go to your charity and help the kids.
Thanks for watching ('>')
<( )>
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