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Debating Sexuality F13 Anth370

No description

Julie Jenkins

on 27 October 2017

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Transcript of Debating Sexuality F13 Anth370

Debating Sexuality
Mombasa (Kenya)
--shift between homosexual and heterosexual activities
--has to follow norms of rank
sexual practices do not necessarily determine identity
--identity formulated when group is set against another, particular in terms of opportunities, rights, status
38 African countries have laws criminalizing homosexual activities
--laws first established by colonizing governments
i. the introduction of Anti-Homosexuality Bill to the Ugandan Parliament in 2009 (still under consideration)
ii. the approval of a similar bill in Nigeria (November 2011)
iii. the murder of Ugandan gay activist David Kato (January 2011)
iv.two Malawian men, arrested and jailed because of homosexuality-related offences, who were pardoned by the country’s president only after the intervention of Ban Ki-moon (May 2010)

Western media:
--Tone suggest discrimination is rooted in lack of 'modernity', 'traditionality', or fundamentalist religion

Klinken challenges this perception:
--Why do Zambians care about others sexuality?
--What is sexuality a symbol of?
--Why is the discourse of homosexuality as a sign of the devil/end times prevalent?
symbolic of international politics and perception of neo-imperialism
-Idea that US etc are "forcing" Africa to embrace homosexuality
entangled in discussions of Zambia as a "Christian" nation
Threatening "culture of discretion", avoidance?
--Making the issue worse by highlighting it?
Uganda: 2009 "Anti-Homosexuality Bill"
--proscribes death penalty, life imprisonment
--penalties against individuals, companies, media, NGOs that support LGBT rights
Some link to role of US Evangelicals
(International House of Prayer)
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