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Oracle E-Business Projects R12.2.5 New Functionality - EPC Technologies

New Functionality Available in Oracle EBS Projects R12.2.5

Matthew Bezuidenhout

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Oracle E-Business Projects R12.2.5 New Functionality - EPC Technologies

Budgetary Controls for Financial Plans
Budgetory Control provide real time control over project commitments and expenses
Budgetory Control is now available on financial plans such as the Approved Cost Budget in Project Planning and Control (PJT) before it was only available in Project Costing and dual budgets were required to use the functionality
Funds Check can both be GL Integrated or Non-GL Integrated
Budgetory control can be defined at project type or project template / project level
Control options can be set at project and task level
Control options can be absolute, advisory or none
Oracle E-Business Projects
What is new

Oracle EBS Projects
What is new (R12.2.5)

Presented by
Budgetary Controls for Financial Plans
Unit Rate Based Projects (Schedule of Values)
Project Performance Reporting Enhanced
Planning by Cost Breakdown Structure for Intercompany and Interproject Billing
Project Procurement
Engineered Equipment
Subcontracted Services
Project Contracts - Validation Framework
PA Period Correction/Deletion
Transaction Controls Public API
Invoice Consolidation
On Account Credits for Intercompany Invoicing
Revenue Hold

Our Services
EPC Technologies provide start-to-end, best-of-breed solutions for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Industry.

Our highly skilled team delivers quality services to our clients around the globe. We help our clients deliver complex projects by providing the best solutions available.

We have our own in-house development team and also pride our self as a partner of leading software providers.
Budgetory Control Setup
Funds Check
GL Integrated Budget Control
Unit Rate Based Projects
Project Performance Reporting Enhanced
Planning by Cost Breakdown Structure for Intercompany and Interproject Billing
Project Procurement
Project Contracts - Validation Framework
PA Period Correction/Deletion
Transaction Controls Public API
Invoice Consolidation
Revenue Hold
On Account Credits for Intercompany Invoicing
Schedule of Values (SOV) is also known as Bill of Quantities
Is a contract structure that defines the total contract amount and is the basis for monitoring progress and submitting payment request
SOV Lines can be added manually or generated from a project contract (Oracle Project Contracts)
SOV Deliverables are associated with Activity Resource Requirements (ARR) to plan the resources required to complete the work
ARRs represent People, Equipment, Material and Financial Expenses
SOV Lines are associated to the project WBS to plan and monitor execution
Project Performance Reporting Architecture are enhanced to provide accurate reporting
A new report provide summary of data processing
A new concurrent program was added “PRC: Update Project Reporting Data Using Database Analytics” to prepare current, original and baselined financial data
Two additional project setup options are available
Enable In Database Analytics (OLAP Cube) Based Summarization
Enable Deferred Rollup for Task and Resource Analysis
With Enhanced Project Performance Reporting, data for plan information and analysis reports is available at all times and does not require the execution of concurrent programs
Reconciliation Report
Reporting setup options
New Concurrent Program
It is now possible to use Cost Breakown Structure (CBS) with projects enabled for cross charge, intercompany, and interproject billing,
Before it was not possible to use CBS enabled projects for intercompany, and interproject billing
It is now possible to delete and correct PA Periods
a New concurrent program "PRC: Delete PA periods" can be used to delete PA periods
The concurrent program cam be run in one of two modes – Review Mode and Final Mode
In Review mode, a PA Period Deletion report displays a listing of PA periods eligible to be deleted
Concurrent Program
PA Period Report Review Mode
Transaction Controls can now be created and maintained using an Application Program Interface (API)
The following transaction controls can be updated at the project level, task or project template level via the transaction control API: Expenditure Category, Expenditure Type, Non-labor Resource, Employee, Scheduled Expenditures, Chargeable, Workplan Resources, Person Type, Billable, Capitalizable, Effective Dates
Transaction Controls
Revenue Hold
This features allows revenue hold without changing the billing attributes
Revenue Hold can be placed on:
Expenditures, Events, Pre-processing client extension
Bill Hold and Revenue Hold are now independent
Revenue hold will prevent invoice generation until the hold is released
Revenue hold can also be used with Bill Groups
Oracle Project Contracts now provides a Validation Framework for quality assurance of Project Contracts
Define a quality assurance process and quality assurance checklist
Use manual or automatic contract validations
Quality Assurance Results
QA Checklist Assignment
Project Procurement solution provides integration between Projects and Procurement for procurement of Bulk Commodities, Engineered Equipment and Subcontract Services
Create a Procurment plan for items and serivces and upload to the project
Use the new Command Center form (Endeca based) to view procurement status
Create requisitions from plan lines
Create and manage negotiations for services
Manage deliverbales for services
Procurment Plan (Excel upload)
Procurement Plan
Planning Status
Invoice Consolidation allows grouping of invoices across projects, across top tasks, agreements or Project Contract Lines for the same customer
Allows you to create one consolidated invoice instead of multiple invoices for the same customer
Released in 12.2.4+
Consolidated Bill Group
Assign Consolidated Billing Group
Allows the flexbility to create on account credit memos for invoices for intercompany invoices
The implementation options include, Always create on account credit memos, never create on account credit memos or only create credit memo when allow overapplication option is No
This new feature saves time by allowing credit memo to be on the intercompany customer account
Create On Account Credit Memo Options
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