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Building Owner BCAR- New Risks, New Designs

No description

Eoin Leonard

on 6 July 2018

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Transcript of Building Owner BCAR- New Risks, New Designs

BCAR-Unchartered Territory
i3PT Certification's Risk-Based Approach
BCAR- New Risks, New Designs
Risk Based Approach is called for in Code of Practice for S.I. 9
Risk Analysis establishes Risk to Building Regulations compliance
Give a written undertaking on a statutory form to the Building Control Authority to appoint a competent Design Team to design the new building in accordance the Building Regulations

Ensure that adequate resources are made available to design, construct, inspect and certify the building works

Where the Assigned Certifier or Builder withdraws from the project, for whatever reason; promptly appoint a replacement Assigned Certifier or Builder and give notice to the Building Control Authority of the new assignment

Maintain records

Chain of Inspections-Volume of Reports
The Benefits of Our Approach
Demonstrable due diligence protects all parties
Keys to Success
Engage with the process as fully as possible to ensure that risks are captured at this early stage.
Next 7-10 Day's Objectives
Establish a Schedule of Ancillary Certificates for all relevant Building Elements
Let's Get Started
i3PT Certification have developed a method of mitigating significant commercial and legal risk for construction project stakeholders
Our system is designed to deliver demonstrable due diligence from planning stages to PC, including evidence of inspection and a chain of accountability which extends throughout the entire project team.
Stage 1: "The What"
- We will determine a schedule of Ancillary Certificates required for the Inspection Plan (Parts A-M)
Stage 2: "The When"
- We will work with the Builder to establish how the building will be built. This will include analysis of Project Stages, Events within each stage. Events will then be linked with several building elements to be inspected at each stage.
Stage 3: "The Who"
- Establish likely source of primary Ancillary Certificates, frequency and robustness of inspections and supplementary information required for each building element.
Assigned Certifier
Design Team
Main/Sub Contractors
Risk process is robust and project specific. It allows the Assigned Certifier to determine which building elements may be covered under general inspections and which items must be reported on in isolation.
Our Inspection Plan tracks the programme of works, rather than impeding it.
Consider each project stage and the events which will happen during each one. Events must be; 1. Inevitable, 2. Points at which the building closes up for inspection and/or 3. Milestones which are time-sensitive and must be viewed live.
Agree on demarcation points i.e. we must not confuse project performance objectives with building regulations compliance objectives.
Building Owner's Role
Establish a Risk Score for each one.
Determine the points at which each Building Element requires inspections e.g Elec First Fix each floor x 4 Floors etc
Decide upon the primary source of inspection reports e.g. Masonry-Main Contractor,

greater number of parties = larger volume of inspections
Risk Analysis and Inspection Plan
Give a written undertaking on a statutory form to the Building Control Authority to appoint a competent Assigned Certifier
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