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Designing My Own Room

No description

Rachel Mikolajczyk

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Designing My Own Room

Mainstray 4-drawer chest, black.
Ravens contemporary twin over futon bunk bed. It has a bed above a futon.
Paint for my room
This item is Olympic one gallon size container interior satin pre-tinted ocean breeze latex-base paint.
Designing My Own Room
By: Rachel Mikolajczyk

Refurbished element television
Corner desk
This item is a Sauder beginnings traditional corner desk.
I would spend $28.17 on it.
I purchased this item at Lowes.
I got it because i needed paint for the walls of my room.
It will cost me $75.47.
I bought this item at Walmart.
I got this item so i would have somewhere to do my homework.
It will cost me $69.71.
I purchased this item at Walmart.
I got this item so i have somewhere to put my cloths.
It will cost me $583.19
I purchased this item at Walmart
I got this because it gives me somewhere to sit and sleep
i will spend $107.99
I purchased this item at walmart
i will use this to watch tv and movies
Mainstray 3 piece lamp set black.
I will spend $44.28 on this item.
I got this item at Walmart.
I got this item so i could see in my room when it is dark out.
my little pony comforter

i will spend $29.08 on this item
i got it at Walmart
i got it so i have a comforter on my bed for when i sleep
Allen + roth gunstock smooth laminate wood planks
I will spend $
I got this item at Lowes
I got it so i would have a floor to walk on in my room
Laptop, Case Flash Drive and printer
These items will cost me $191.74
i got these items at walmart
I will use them to help with homework, to print off things, to save data, and to hold all the stuff in
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