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No description

Molly Dohoney

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Montgras

MontGras Solution! Chilean Wine company
New World
32% of GDP is exports
Reserva- Cheaper, but high quality wine
Ninquen- Supreme quality wine Its position as a "new world wine"
Concieved that low prices=low quality
UK's distribution shift: restaurants --> supermarkets MontGras Weaknesses If marketed correctly, Montgras can compete against high quality wines with their lower prices
Promoting their product Ninquen in the US MontGras Opportunities What's
going on? There is an oversupply in grape industry which makes things more competitive.
More expensive wine is becoming a bigger part of the market mix.
So... We need to market in a way
that puts us in competition
with Old World wines. MontGras Strengths Largest wine botique in Chile
Range of products and prices
Ideal climate for grape growing
Low production costs=good profit margins MontGras Threats Company
Background Competing Chilean wineries
Tesbury's promotion icreasing sales but portraying as low quality General Solution •Reserva wine in high end supermarkets
•More achievable goal
•Ninquen wine is more about the MontGas image
•Ninquen wine will be used to leverage MontGras other wines
•Branding and establishing products Other Factors to Include Wine broker
distribution agreement
outside resources
create greater awareness of the products
connections UK Market Keep Presence
US vs. UK consumer
Allocate marketing resources effectively
Play up MontGras/Chilean brand
See how the results in the US plan can be implemented in the UK MontGras - 10th largest wine producer in the world
- high quality Chilean wine
- significant market share in UK
-- recent focus on US New Vs. Old Old World: France, Spain, Italy, European countries
traditional production; strong domestic markets

New World: Austrailia, US, South America, Chile
innovation, exports MontGras: Dilemmas focus on volume - "value for money"
or margin strategy - focus on high quality

How would the proposed campaign impact market strategy and company budget? Marketing Mix Products:
Varietal- inexpensive
Reserva- inexpensive but still quality
ninquen- higher quality Price:
Varietal- $7-8
Reserva- $12
Ninquen- $25 per bottle
Place: US
Promotions Discussion Questions What do you personally think - should MontGras focus their marketing strategy on value for price (emphasizing a deal)
or superior quality (not making it quite as affordable)?
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