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Treasurer's House

No description

Svetlana Leu

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Treasurer's House

Treasurer's House
The Great Hall
The Blue Drawing Room
The Court Room
The Queen's Room
The Tapestry Dressing Room
Discussion Points
Princess Victoria's Room
History of the house goes back to the medieval Treasurers of York Minster - 1091.

Little known about the original Treasurer's House

Site has Roman origins

Changed hands until being owned by Thomas Young in 1562

The structure we see today was rebuilt and maintained by Young and his descendants

End of 19th c. - estate divided into 5 separate properties

1897: Frank Green acquired several of the properties to re-create the original structure
When a house is left to the National Trust, should the owner's wishes be fulfilled or should the Trust have full authority in its preservation?

Has the history of historic homes been edited and censored to promote an ideal life to visitors?

Can historic homes be authentically displayed without compromising their appeal to visitors?
"It's not the past preserved that we find... It's an idealized, tightly edited fabrication." -
Paula Weideger
Green left clear instructions in his will as to how the house was to be maintained, including where furniture should be placed.
"We can now appreciate the work of Green and his architect without worrying too much about its authenticity... It is precisely those rooms which are most fictitious...that are the most exciting." -
Treasurer's House
, The National Trust
"The house was always intended to be something of a showpiece."

- Treasurer's House, The National Trust
Incorrectly identified the fireplace as Tudor

How capable is Frank Green in authentically displaying the rooms in their various time periods?
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