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How have humans impa

No description

Jessica Cicuto

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of How have humans impa

How have humans impacted on the Australian Environment
Australias mountains
Australia has one of the longest mountion ronges in the hole world and the largest singel rocks in the world
Are humans maching animals shrink?
How humans effect animals
There are millions of insects and fish and amphibios and reptials and birds and mammals. Human only one yes one kind of human. Human can do good things for lots of animals:they help save endanged speshes by breeding more animals and their environment and makeing sike and hert animals better and healthy.

Drew Petrie
Australian Rules Footballer
Drew Petrie is an Australian Rules footballer for the North Melbourne Football Club. Wikipedia
Born: October 15, 1982 (age 31), Ballarat
Height: 1.97 m
Weight: 102 kg
Career start: 2001
Drew Petrie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Drew Petrie (born 15 October 1982) is an Australian Rules footballer for the North Melbourne Football Club. AFL Career[edit]. Since debuting in 2001 he has ...
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Drew Petrie (drewpetrie20) on Twitter
The latest from Drew Petrie (@drewpetrie20). Proud dad and co-vice captain of NMFC.
Drew Petrie of the North Melbourne Kangaroos Player Profile and ...
Drew Petrie of the North Melbourne Kangaroos profile and AFL statistics.
Drew Petrie - NMFC.com.au
After a decade of largely injury-free football, Petrie endured a horrible succession of foot injuries in 2010 which limited him to just two games. He played his first ...
AFL Tables - Drew Petrie - Stats - Statistics
Drew Petrie. Sections of this page require Javascript enabled to function. Born:15 -Oct-1982 (Debut:18y 166d Last:30y 321d) Height:197 cm Weight:102 kg
Drew Petrie, North Melbourne Kangaroos @ FanFooty
Profile of Drew
How humans have influenced the australian environment?
From the environmental protection and biodiveristy conservation act is a week later a review has recomenede key changes. But the act does allow the government to intenvent when it is convinced that a particular change would threaten endangered species.
At the size of a five-cent pice. Kugelann's green beetle that it would never be mistaken for a giant. But in the mind of eurapian under ground beetles, poecilus kugelanni is no runt and indeed, some belgian and bioligust have resently classfied the green beetle as a "big beetle"
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