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Business Intelligence

No description

Sarah Smith

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Powerful Tool
Separates Good Companies From Bad
Helps Plan for the Future
Complex Concept Oil Companies
Retail What is Benchmarking?
Improves Productivity and Profit
Determines Performance in Company Business Intelligence Benchmarking What is Big Data?
Gains Competitive Advantage
Enhances businesses
Problems Big Data Predictive Analytics What is Predictive Analytics?
Identifies Opportunities and Risks
Uses Data Models and Predictive Power Conclusion Business Value Data Mining Six Phases Of Data Mining Business
Phase Data
Phase Modeling Phase Evaluation Phase Deployment Phase What is Data Mining?
Examples What is Business Value?
Creating Business Value
Customer Numbers
Making Your Business Marketable Overview Business Intelligence
Business Value
Data Scientists
Who Uses Business Intelligence?
Big Data
Predictive Analytics
Data Mining
Daniel Pakkala
Katie Lamperski
Brandi Dolan
Sarah Smith
Chase Zhang Recommendations
What We Would Change
Future Implications The interpreters of all data
Adds A Competitive Advantage
Difficult Job to Fill
Why are They so Important? Data Scientists Who Uses
Business Intelligence? Data Preparation Phase Conclusion
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