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Penelope Cruz

No description

Alli Hendrickx

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz General Information Birth: April 28, 1974 Birth Name: Penélope Cruz Sánchez Childhood Penelope studied classical ballet for
9 years at Spain's National Conservatory
At 15 she beat more than 300 other
girls at a talent agency audition
She landed several roles in
Spanish TV shows and music videos
Her first movie was El laberinto griego
(1993) (The Greek Labyrinth)
Continued... Her third film was the Oscar-winning Belle epoque (1992)
Penelope was in three or four films each year, and soon was a leading lady of Spanish cinema
She was the leading actress in Abre los Ojos (Open Your Eyes) (1997), a huge hit in Spain
Her part in the comedy La nina de tus ojos (1998) won her a Best Actress Goya
She has also participated in many other movies

Family Parents: Eduardo (a retailer) and Encarna (a hairdresser)
Siblings: A younger brother, Eduardo, who is a singer
and a younger sister, Monica, who is also an actress
Occupation: Spanish Actress Interesting Facts Cruz speaks four languages:
Spanish, Italian, French and English
She has also volunteered in Uganda and India Penelope has donated a considerable amount
of money and time to charity She started a foundation to support homeless girls in India, where she personally sponsors two young women
She has donated her entire salary from her first Hollywood movie, The Hi-Lo Country, to help fund a mission MOST INTERESTING FACT Claim to fame :
"All About My Mother" (1999)
Works Cited http://www.starpulse.com/Actresses/Cruz,_Penelope/Biography/
Accomplishments Won 1 Oscar, 1 BAFTA, and was nominated for 3 Golden Globes Has also won other awards Penelope has been in many
movies and TV shows dedicar=dedicated She is most recognized in the movie Sahara
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