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Learning to Think with Dry-Erase Ink

Using whiteboards to enhance, engage and formatively assess learning

Laura Hunter

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Learning to Think with Dry-Erase Ink

Learning to Think With Dry Erase Ink Idea:
Whiteboards are THE MOST
underutilized learning tool in
our classrooms! Individual Small Group Large Group Interactive Note-Building Exhibit Visual Thinking? Non threatening quick formative
assessment of content
and skills development Easily edited Not included! Multiple dimensions mobile in the classroom Kids LOVE them! Interactive note-building using multiple resources is dynamic learning! Building a group
Graphic Organizer Manipulative pieces
allow students to
build and rebuild ideas Students can "picture" the WHOLE
unit - concept connection visually from
one day to the next and out... iPad learning... without the iPad What can you do with an exhibit in your classroom? •Cause and Effect
•Drivers and Restrainers
•Problem- Solution
•Change Over Time
•Word Sequencing
•Connect Four
•Topic Association
•Test Review
•Vocabulary Study
•Brainstorming EXAMPLE #1 EXAMPLE #2 Hall
review Learn more? Share ideas?
go to www.edmodo.com
Group Code: gdygho
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