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SaaS v2

No description

Martin Grund

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of SaaS v2

as a Service Platform Software Infrastructure Google App Engine
Microsoft Windows Azure
Focus is the platform and mostly the interfaces. Implementation is left for the application developer. How does it scale? Capacity planning nightmare Focus is the actual software that provides the business value, platform and infrastructure are invisible for the user. Lowest layer providing only required hardware and
virtualization and scaling layer. VMWare
Amazon EC2 "A form of standardized IT-based capability -- such as Internet-based services, software, or IT infrastructure -- offered by a service provider that is accessible via Internet protocols from any computer, is always available and scales automatically to adjust on demand, is either pay-per-use or advertising-based, has Web or programmatic based control interfaces and enables full customer self-service." How to buy? Pricing Everything is possible, there is no such thing as a fixed cost model. As long as it is countable, it can appear:

- Amount of stored data and bandwidth (Amazon S3)
- User / Month (Salesforce.com / Orcale / SAP)
- CPU cycles (Google AppEngine) Configuration Experience Content Roles Enterprise applications typically require more configuration than any other application. Businesses have their own processes and execution styles. How does the extension interact with the software?
What needs to be configured?
When is the configuration presented to the prospect?
How can be made sure that it is understandable? Prospect
Decider It has to be clear which information is for whom! General assumption: The guy with the credit card is not the person
using the software extension. What content should be available?
How should the different content types be presented?
Common groupings may not apply (artist / album / account number) Each role should be addressed independently
Overall goal: The visitor must buy something before leaving the store
Trust! TuK Exercise II
Enterprise AppStores Martin Grund, Jens Krueger Software as a Service! Salesforce.com
SAP Business ByDesign
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