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Student Perceptions of Writing

No description

Alison Welch

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Student Perceptions of Writing

Rhetorical Savvy,
Awareness of Code Switching Thought, “Flow,” and the Writing Process The Role of Self in the Writing Situation "I’ll be walking to class, and I’ll be thinking, 'Oh, I should do this,' or, 'I should do the assignment this way. And it actually takes me awhile to get to the writing process because I like to think it out in my head, and I wish I didn’t do that because then I can’t always remember what I’d been thinking. …and I’ve tried sketching it out, and that just never works." -Heidi “When I write, I don’t think I have a process. I write at any time of day. It’s just when I get a flow. That’s the only time I write." -Chesiree "Depends on what I'm writing. If I'm writing a research paper or a chemistry lab write-up, it would be the research where you read the procedure, look up facts, and then I usually do some brainstorming for research papers, like, bullet points, writing outlines, so that when I'm actually writing the paper, all my ideas are down; I just need to articulate them." -Chris "And for short stories, I kind of just...pick a topic--when I'm walking around or something like that--that I want to write about, and then I think up like a couple ideas in my head. [...] So, not really a whole lot of planning with the creative work; it just kind of happens." -Chris "For research papers, I typically picture an old, bald man who only speaks in monotone. [...] And lab reports are even more dull than research papers, if that's possible, so an even older man who's more bald." -Chris “When you use Twitter, people can’t respond back, so it’s just like…they can, but it’s not really like they’re supposed to. You just state how you feelin’ at that current time." -Chesiree [Image from Creative Commons. URL: flickr.com/photos/73451168@N00/214401590] [Image from Creative Commons. URL: www.flickr.com/photos/keiya/3255575238/] "Text messages, you can hold conversations all day." -Chesiree "Facebook…you can write on people’s walls, see how you doin’, hold short conversations." -Chesiree [Image from Creative Commons. URL: julianhopkins.net/index.php?/plugin/tag/facebook] “...with creative writing, there’s more opportunities to put yourself into it, I think.” -Heidi Later in the interview: "I try to reach for the monotone old guy, so I don't slip into my style of writing." -Chris "...because there are such specific parameters that it [the lab report] has to fit, usually I try not to go back, and I try to remove myself from the writing process a little bit more, and I just write out what needs to be done, instead of if I were doing it in the ideal world.” -Heidi “I don’t do a lot of writing out of class, and when I do, it’s more like feelings and thoughts; that’s how I write.” -Chesiree "My jazz teacher, she's really sassy and loud and just fun, and she makes everything interesting, so I feel more comfortable beng myself around her because she's more like me." -Chris Interacting Discourses:
Student Perceptions of
"Nonacademic" and "Academic" Writing
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