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STOP: Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault Awareness

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Erika Klipa

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of STOP: Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault Awareness

Sexual Assault involves ANY unwanted sexual activity which is threatening, forced or coercive and to which a person has not given consent, or
was unable to give

. Most often the assault is committed by someone known to the victim.
Rape is an example of Sexual Assault.

"Sexual abuse occurs whenever one person dominates and exploits another by means of sexual activity or suggestion." ~ (Hall, M., & Hall, J. )
It is ANY unwanted sexual activity, with perpetrators using force, coercion, manipulation and/or making threats in order to take advantage of victims who are unable to give consent.
Usually children
Usually occurs over an extended period of time
Power dynamic
Perpetrators may be a parent, another adult,
an older child, a teacher, a coach, a priest, etc.

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Examples of Sexual Assault...
Inserting the penis or any object into someone’s mouth, anus or vagina
Forced oral sex
Forced kissing
Forced masturbation
Unwanted sexual touching
Sexual harassment, such as making inappropriate comments that are sexual in nature

Sexual Assault is a Crime
Date Rape happens when one person forces or manipulates the other into having unwanted sexual contact or sexual intercourse while in a dating situation
Acquaintance Rape may happen at any time; the perpetrator is a friend or acquaintance of the victim
The majority of these rapes go unreported
Date Rape drugs may be used
Date or Acquaintance Rape is Sexual Assault
Sexual Abuse is a Crime
What is Sexual Assault ?
What is Sexual Abuse?
Shock or disbelief
Shame and embarrassment
Feelings of worthlessness
Guilt and self blame
Feelings of helplessness
Difficulty sleeping
Substance abuse
Suicidal ideation or self-harm

Victims may blame themselves because...
75% of perpetrators of sexual assault are an acquaintance, date, relative, friend or partner, and they may have been sexually intimate with that person before.
They may have been drinking or using drugs
They froze and did not or could not say "no"
They did not fight back

What is Date or Acquaintance Rape?
Victims Often Blame Themselves...
Inappropriate physical contact
Internet assault

Effects of Sexual Assault on the Victim....
Society Often Blames the Victim...
Root Causes of Sexual Assault...
The Media
Victim Blaming
Rape Myths
Past Sexual Abuse
Alcohol Abuse
Historical Precedence
Gender Stereotypes
Power and Control

Effects of Sexual Abuse on Children...
Short Term Effects...
Hyper arousal
Bed wetting
Long Term Effects...
Substance Abuse
High Risk Behaviors
Self Harm
Suicidal Ideation
Chronic Physical and Emotional Problems (body issues/eating disorders)
Difficulty with Future Sexual Relationships
Become a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate:
Volunteer Training, March 27-31, 2014...
April is...
Evidence Based Treatment Modalities for
Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse...
Saturday, April 19th, 2014...
Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse
Tanya Lorenzi
Erika Klipa

Counseling Survivors of Sexual Assault
and Sexual Abuse...
Assess presenting problems, effects of previous abuse on current functioning, and how client currently copes.
Help client to
Help client decrease levels of depression and anxiety, by increasing sense of personal control
Ensure a solid therapeutic relationship
Empower the client
Reframe the anger
Assist with relationship building skills
Educate the partner
Majority of Victims of Sexual Assault
are Female...
Child Sexual Abuse Statistics...
Expressive Arts Therapy
Narrative Therapy
Signs and Symptoms of Child Sexual Abuse...
Child Sexual Abuse Includes
Overt and Covert Activities...
Swelling and rashes in genital area
Chronic stomach pain
Urinary tract infections
Inappropriate Anger
Dissociative symptoms
Bed wetting
Compulsive washing
Unwarranted fear
Seductive behaviors
Drawing of sexual acts
Unusual interest in sexual ideas (or avoidance of same)
Implications for Counselors...
Ethically and legally mandated in all 50 states to report suspicions of child sexual abuse
Counseling the perpetrators
Knowledgeable about signs and symptoms
Prevention and treatment plans
60 million survivors in U.S.
1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is a victim of sexual abuse
20% of adult females and 5-10% of adult males recall childhood sexual abuse
Children are most vulnerable to sexual abuse from the age of 3 on...
Incest is the most common form of child sexual abuse
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