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The Seminole indians By Nick Varga

No description

M2K Kids

on 16 November 2013

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Transcript of The Seminole indians By Nick Varga

The Seminole Indians By Nick Varga
Seminole Housing
The Seminole Tribe lives in Palmetto Palm houses called Chickees. Chickees are open on all four sides. Every family has three Chickees, one for cooking and eating, another is for relaxing, and the last one is for sleeping. The Seminoles don't use any furniture. The villages are built in swamps. That was a little about Seminole housing.
Seminole Clothing
The Seminole men wear loincloths and leather leggings. The Seminole women wear leather skirts and shawls made of bark and plants.in winter they both wear coats from animal skins. They also wear robes made from plants. That was a little about Seminole clothing.
Seminole Arts and Crafts
The Seminoles make weapons using stone, wood, or animal bones. the Seminoles traded weapons for hand cranked sewing machines and bright strips of color to make clothing. The girls made all the clothing. The Seminoles started trading in the early 1800's. That was a little about Seminole arts and crafts.
Seminole Food
The Seminoles are hunters and gatherers. They use arrows and spears to hunt. The Seminoles farmed a lot of rice. The Seminoles gathered eatable plants and flowers. They also grew vegetables. That was a little about what the Seminoles eat.
Seminole Interesting Facts
These are some interesting facts about the Seminole tribe. The Seminoles had two wars for their territory and lost both. The Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Yamassee, and Seminole Tribe used to be one tribe used to be one tribe. The Seminole Tribe is rivals with the Creek Tribe. Those were some interesting facts about the Seminole Tribe
Seminole Location
The Seminole used to live from North Carolina to Mississippi. Now the Seminoles live in South East Florida called The Everglades. All the Seminoles live in Florida now. The Everglades is made up of swamps,forests,and prairies. That was a little about the Seminole location.
Seminole Resources
Koslow,phillip The Seminole Indians Highland Beach, Florida
North Berch Street, 2007

Seminole Table of Contents
The Old South East 7
The Seminole Wars 15
People of the Everglades 25
Patches of Color 33
Changing Times 45
The Seminoles Today 65
Glossary 75
Chronology 77
Index 78
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