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Endangered animals

No description

sierra crowther-oman

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Endangered animals

All about the Amur tiger
Endangered animals
This is our prezi on two endangered animals, the green
Turtle and the Amur Tiger.
this prezi you will learn a lot about these two animals. We hope you enjoy our presentation.
why the green turtle is endangered
endangered is they get caught in shrimp trawl nets, long-line hooks and fishing gill-nets, and eventually drown from not being able to go to the surface to breathe. Over hundreds of thousands die each year. This problem is called by-catch Also there is over-harvesting and illegal trade. Green turtle eggs are getting harvested and the green turtles are still getting hunted and harvested every year mostly in places in Asia and the western pacific. Green turtles in western Africa get killed for traditional medicines and ceremonies.
One of the reasons the green turtles are
Here is a video of
baby green turtles hatching
All About Green Turtles
Green Turtles are not named for the colour of their shell which is normally brown. They are named for the
greenish colour of their skin. They also have a beak with finely
serrated edges witch makes it easy to get the grass they need, it also makes it easy to scrape hard surface. The green turtle will eat seaweed and other grasses but the babies will eat small jellyfish. Did you know the green turtle is the second largest turtle in the world? Also did you know that they can weigh up to 200 pounds? Green turtles have a small head which is non-retractable. It extends from heart-shaped carapace that measures up to 5 feet, male turtles are a little bit bigger than females and also have a longer tail. They both have flippers that resemble paddles which makes them amazing and beautiful swimmers. Green turtles are very important because they graze on sea grass and alge, which maintains the sea grass beds and makes them more productive. Sea grass that the green turtle eats gets digested and becomes nutrients to other animals and plants that live in the sea grass ecosystem. Sea grass beds are also nurseries to a couple different species of invertebrates and fish, which are very important and valuable to commercial fisheries and to human food security.
Endangered Animals
Why the Amur tiger is
The Amur tigers habitat is at risk from logging,
conversion to agriculture, urban expansion,

road construction, mining fires and inadequate law enforcement.
Illegal logging is going on all over the Russian far east, which is a pretty big effect because Korean pine and Mongolian
oak give food to the tigers prey during the snow season.
It is really bad because when trees get illegally cut
down the prey populations get lower and this impacts
tigers. At least 30 percent of Russian lumber exports
come from illegal logging. The U.S.A. is the top importer of hardwoods harvested in the Russian far east, and manufactured
as furniture in China.
Amur tigers live in very cold areas they re also
carnivores. And did you know the Amur tiger is the biggest cat in the world, but sadly one of the most endangered species. They are usually found in Russia but are also found in china and Korea. The beautiful Amur tiger is an amazing hunter
to find food they will travel lots of miles,
some of there prey are wild boar and elk.
To get there prey they lie close to the
ground and wait exact moment to attack.
Female tigers give birth to two to six cubs, then the females raise the cubs with a little help from the male or none at all. Cubs cannot hunt until they are 18 months old, and they stay with their moms for two to three years. Territory is also a very important thing to the Amur tiger, each tiger will have a large area were they can find food. The Amur tiger will have dens or caves in there territory.

Here is a video of a mama tiger and baby playing
here are some green turtle facts
They nest in more than 80 countries
They can't put their heads or limbs in their shell
Here are some Amur tiger facts
There are about 300 tigers in zoos across Europe
They can run at speeds up to 20 meters
per second over short distances
Thank you for watching!!!!!
We hope you enjoyed our presentation
Any questions or comments
we hoped you learned
a lot!!!!
In western Africa what did they use turtles for?
2 How much do you think the Green turtle weighs ?
3 Is the Amur Tiger the biggest cat in the world?
Is the green turtle named after its shell colour?
5 What is one of the reasons the Amur Tiger is endangered?
6 Is the green turtle the first or second largest turtle?
Thank you for watching
Hope you liked it!!
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