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No description

Paulina Bustos

on 4 July 2013

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Transcript of Metaphor

Greek word
Figure of Speech
It expresses an idea through the image of another object.
Component Parts
The real-world subject in a metaphoric statement is known as the
The imaginary item (or at least not present in a literal sense) to which the tenor refers is called the
Metaphors make the language more interesting and lively.
They help readers connecting ideas and understanding them better.
They communicate lots of meanings in few words.
They make us think about what it has been said or read.
The idea stay longer in our mind.

"metapherin" (meaning "transfer").
There must be certain similarity between the two different things.
Example 1
True friends
stab you in the front
." - Oscar Wilde -

Example 2
Example 3
"Now is the
of our discontent."
(Richard III)

"A silver morning"
Reference to "a stab in the back"
Stab (vehicle)is the real element which refers to betrayal (tenor)
Both an stab and a betrayal will hurt a person
Winter (vehicle) means the saddest moment (tenor) in a period of unhappiness .

A silver morning (vehicle) is the same as a cold and frosty morning (tenor)

(Los Bunkers - La exiliada del Sur)
is a
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