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The White Oak River Basin

No description

Kaylee Myers

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of The White Oak River Basin

White Oak River Basin Where Is It ? Counties Topography The river basin runs through 4 counties, 14 cities, and/or towns. Some of the major cities include Jacksonville, Baeufourt, Newport, and Morehead City. Cities The White Oak river basin is located along the central coast of North Carolina. It includes separate river drainage systems which are the New, North, White Oak, Newport Rivers and their tributaries. The Basin is made up of portions of four counties, Carteret, Craven, Jones, and Onslow. The topography of the river basin is relatively flat. The elevation can range from 16ft to 55ft. The lattitudal degrees can range from 34.8 - 35.1 degrees. the longitudal degrees can range from negative 76.9 - neagtive 77.7 degrees. By ; Kaylee Myers Landscapes Total Coverage The white oak river basin only covers 1,263 square miles which is 0.7% of the total state area. Stream and river coverage Most of the surface water resources in the basin are saltwater, but there are limited freshwater streams. With only 277 stream miles of freshwater streams, this basin has the 2nd lowest number of stream miles in the state. Four counties, Carteret, Craven, Jones, and Onslow, comprise this river basin. Although it is a small drainage area, 2.9% of the population, or 194,802 people, live in the White Oak River Basin Fish Species Some fish species found in water in this river basin include the atlantic sturgeon, the blackbanded sunfish, banded sunfish, the lake chubsucker, the lined topminnow, and the ironcolor shiner. But due to the large growth of a invading species of muscle, the fish population is decreasing. Animal Species Resources & Uses This basin is used for both agricultural and recreational purposes. The outstanding number of waterways draw coneist, recreational boaters, anglers, and shell fishermen. Many rely on the nutrient-rich soil to help produce crops to live on or to live on the profits made from selling these crops. But many problems have arisen due to the fact that the area is used for agricultural and recreational purposes. For example, agriculture is causing pollution caused by runoff contaminated with fertilizers and chemicals that pollute the waterways and harm livestock and already endangered species. Recreation has also caused a decrease in the wildlife population. To protect wildlife many laws have been placed . There are various types of landscapes that make up this basin. The river wetland is home to over 80,000 acres of the Croatan National Forest. Other types of wetlands include freshwater, coastal, and river wetlands. Pocosins, raised bogs with a thick layer of peat are also found here. More landscapes are tidal marshes, coastal forests, barrier islands, and longleaf pine savannas Several rare and endangered animals inhabit this area such as the leatherback sea turtle, the west indian mantee, the shortnose sturgeon, the red-cockaded woodpecker, the roseate tern, the loggerhead sea turtle, the green sea turtle, the american alligator, the diamond back terrapin, the eastern diamond back rattlesnake and the eastern coral snake.
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