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for Waterbury Department of Public Health

Liz George

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Branding

Steps to Success Branding What is branding? The Brand Relationship Our Brand To Build A Successful Brand This is an important step in creating your brand.

You have to think about your
audience, who you are serving

The logo, trademark, & name
do not drive the brand, they
simply reminds people of it What is our brand?
Where are we now and where do we want to go?
Audience perspective -> who are we trying to attract
Department staff perspective -> who are we representing?
Future perspectives -> how we want to be seen moving forward
...Then we can come up with a logo, tagline, etc. Creating Our Brand:
The Waterbury Department of
Public Health One of the most successfully branded organizations, Apple is about imagination, innovation, individualism. “Personification of a product, service, or entire company”
“The difference between a soda & a Coke, a laptop & a Mac”
How we want to be perceived and by whom? What We Offer Why We Offer It Unique Benefits Promises What is our identity? How are we different/better than our competitors?
Find and establish a niche
Clarify our distinct ability to make an impact Determine the desired relationship between your customers & your organization and services provided

To build a successful brand means:
1) Make a promise
What do you do best?
What is the payoff?
What can consumer count on?
-> This becomes intrinsic part of marketing message
2) Communicate promise
Communicate strategically and creatively
Both internal and external audiences must believe in your promise
3) Keep your promise
4) Strengthen your promise Our Identity Limited Vision Public Health Purpose Brand Relationship Customer's relationship with you -> built by experiences

7 attributes of good brand relationship
-Susan Fournier, Harvard School of Business
1) Interdependence- interwoven into daily life
2) Commitment
3) Intimacy- deep familiarity & understanding
4) Nostalgic attachment- brings back positive memories
5) Love and passion- feel affection and need
6) Self concept connection- using brand helps consumer address life issues
7) Partner quality: consumers seek some positive
traits in brand as would in a friend
-> dependability, trust, accountability, etc. Promises Brand
Relationship “A brand is an intangible asset that resides in people’s minds & hearts. It is defined by the expectations people have about tangible and intangible benefits that are developed over time by communications and more importantly by actions”
-Kirstin Hammerberg on "Brand Strategy for the long term" Branding = “What can we be best in the world at?”
1) What is the deep need we satisfy? Our raison d’etre?
2) What is our case competence? What are we really good at? What is our identity? “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou A brand is like a person A brand as a physical body, name, personality, character, & reputation.
You can respect, like & love it.
You can think of it as dependable or not, caring or capricious, etc.
You can prefer one brand to another.
A brand must mature & change over time but its character, core beliefs, fundamental personality, and outlook should not.
You judge a brand by its performance. Customer experience drives the brand "Brand is totality of what consumer experiences: Look and feel of office, community, reputation, awning & signage, your sales & customer service people, the way you handle conflicts & complaints” Waterbury Department of Public Health What are the services we provide?
How do we function in the community? What are our responsibilities?
Legally, ethically, etc.
Who is our audience?
What is the need being filled? It is our responsibility to provide protection and safety
to the community
Higher standard
Higher calling
Ownership “Communicating relevant uniqueness and building trust & credibility” Taking on big problems Promoting Health
Striving for a cleaner & healthier Waterbury How does this look? Think big, think ahead
Communicate and educate through conversations
Be quick thinking and confident, show that we are knowledgeable
Use our authority to make a difference
Surveillance -> look out and notice problems
Find a way to meet the need -> use creativity
We have to (and want to) expand
Stay optimistic
Have a vision, and believe in that vision Engage with people
Tailor to our audience
Meet people where they are -> we come to you
Getting our hands dirty
-> get in the community
Show concern, compassion Making it personal Give a holistic sense of personal community
We are passionate about public health
Our job is an exciting, fulfilling, never boring, ever-changing, diverse experience
Not for money or power, but for people
We have a higher calling, wanting to make a difference
We believe in humanity Showing we care The Brand Relationship Customer experiences are key
How others feel when working with us
How they are treated
Branding is everyone’s responsibility Branding experience checklist:
1) Map out the customer’s contact points
2) Walk in their shoes
3) Make the experience resonate with all senses
4) Enlist employees with ideas to add to experience
5) Talk to customers even when not “buying”
(help them even if not your client) Public Health = "What we as a society do collectively to assure the conditions for people to be healthy” (IOM 1988) What are we about? Discrete Public Health Interventions
Control of infectious disease
Hygiene and sanitation
Clean air and water
Safe roads and products
Health education and promotion Socio-Economic Foundations
Social Status Race

Interventions/Tools to improve Public Health
Economic Redistribution
Social Restructuring
Behavioral Modification
Social Science Expanded Vision Traditionally accepted and potentially safe, but fails to address “root causes” Bolder vision, more politically involved, less precise, more labor intensive Why We Offer It Unique
Benefits What We Offer What is Public Health?
Safety net, taking care of vulnerable populations, assurance, advocacy, listening, data, systems for listening and accessing services; nursing, children Why are we necessary?
Doing what it takes to keep everyone safe
“One stop shop”- Linking other government services together; If you come here, you will find it here
Knowledge of community and health issues/solutions
Keeping eye on historical diseases to ensure that don’t become relevant again
Ensure safety through advocacy and assuring equity Our Programs Someone has to do it
We have to-> it's our job Funded by people that live here
The money comes from the community so we are inextricably linked to them
-> bound to the people Our Promise Take on big issues, but keep it personal
Show that we care
Engage with people How it looks on the ground:

Dave was inspecting a restaurant.
He had power, but expressed mutual respect.
Have authority, but not “authority”
We are there to help Never lose focus on what its about
-> families, people, relationships Why does Waterbury need a department of public health? Promote our services! What does a department of public health do? http://www.kpaonline.com/blog/2012/02/happy-workers-equals-higher-profits/ www.amistorcapital.com www.burnettpainting.com https://www.phly.com/aboutphly/Community/ www.nbcconnecticut.com Waterbury needs us! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Seal_of_the_city_of_Waterbury_Connecticut.png http://www.waterburyct.org/content/9573/ http://globalgurus.org/Blog/managing-the-disciplines-of-relationship-building http://www.bratfacemarketing.com/branding-strategy/ http://bizlaunchblog.com/2011/12/21/what-is-branding-and-why-is-it-important/ http://businesswomenconnect.com/top-10-marketing-tools-5-professional-branding/# www.idawork.com www.brandyoubrilliant.com sjbhd.org http://www.waterburyct.org/content/9573/9623/default.aspx
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