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Winemaking Process

Comm 101 Sec 25

Maddie Marshall

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Winemaking Process

By, Maddie Marshall The
Winemaking Process The Grapes The Harvest Fermentation "adding the wine yeast is one of the important components in the wine making process since it facilitates the fermentation process.” (Bowman) Clarification 1. wine makers will rack their wine from one barrel to another leaving particles and other solids behind. (Harbertson) Aging and Bottling Completely up to the winemaker
Will not change the end result 1st Step in the Winemaking process Over 10,000 Types of Grapes Grapes should be sampled weekly about 3 weeks before predicted harvest time. (Hellman) Harvest Time Decision Makers:
Vineyard Managers
Proprietors A Few Common Types of grapes are:
Sauvignon Blanc Crushing and Pressing The crushing of the grapes are no longer preformed by people stomping on the grapes with their bare feet. The mechanical presser is more sanitary and it produces a higher quality and longer lasting wine. 2. after this racking, egg whites or clay are added and will attach to the dead yeast cells and particles left over causing them to settle at the bottom of the barrel.(Harbertson) 3. after this settling is complete the wine is once again racked into another vessel and is ready to be bottled and began aging. (Harbertson)
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