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career shadowing


kevin sherrouse

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of career shadowing

Career Shadowing Division

Mentor:Randy Ross
In addition to managing over one million acres of State Forests for multiple public uses including timber, recreation and wildlife habitat, we also provide services to landowners throughout the state with technical information and grant programs.

The Florida Division of Forestry consists of more than 1250 dedicated employees with the mission to protect and manage the forest resources of Florida, ensuring that they are available for future generations.
Wildfire prevention and suppression are key components in our efforts to protect homeowners from the threat of damage in a natural, fire-dependent environment. We are dedicated to training individuals to meet these goals.
The Division’s forestry programs are implemented by its Field Operations staff within 15 field units across the state. Field personnel and equipment provide a more responsive and comprehensive approach to land management and wildfire control statewide. The starting slary of the division of forestry is 25,000 a year as a ranger/firefighter.

The normal week is 40 hours with a 160 hour schedule The purpose of the division of forestrey is to protect Florida and its people from the dangers of wildland fire and manage the forest resources through a stewardship ethic to assure they are available for future generations.

This comany will still serving the Mission statement in the next 15 years.
Education/Highschool diploma or a G E D.

Once you are hired by D.O.F will train you with one week of First Responder, Three weeks of Wild land Firefighting, and three weeks of sturcture firefighting. technology:
2.The Internet
3.Microsoft programs(excle,word,and powerpoint I would try to pursue this job because you work outside and i can't stand to be behind a desk all day The thing that i like most about this job is that you work with many different types of equipment.

The thing i would not like is to have to do many types of feild training like in many different places and sometime you have to be on call. The forest ranger is first and foremost a Forestry Firefighter. The Division of Forestry employs forest rangers in all parts of the state to combat forest and wildland fires which occur annually in Florida's woodlands. The forest ranger is often called on for landowner assistance and to conduct information and fire prevention programs at schools and civic group meetings.
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