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Comp. Studies Welcome Prezi

No description

Lisa Weinert

on 1 February 2012

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Transcript of Comp. Studies Welcome Prezi

Your grade in this class will be based on Class Participation, Homework, Class/Lab work, Quizzes, Agenda and Do Now checks, and Unit Projects.
Multimedia Presentation
Welcome to Computer Literacy
Presentation by Mrs. Weinert
Introduction to the Course
The purpose of this class is to familarize you with some of the major applications of computers.
Word Processing
We will also be discussing some important issues such as digital literacy.
Digital Literacy includes topics such as digital citizenship.
Requirements/Class Rules
3D Programming & Coding
For class, you will need:
A Folder with Pockets that contains the following...
2. paper
1. Handouts provided by your teacher
All class material can be found on Moodle (our class website).
Colored Pencils

M - Modular
O - Object
O - Oriented
D - Dynamic
L - Learning
E - Environment
Projects & Grading
It is your responsibility to see your teacher when you come back from an absence to clarify what you missed.
Make sure you get the Do Now’s you missed from Moodle or a neighbor.
Please note: absence from class gives you a limited amount of time to complete missed work; it does not excuse you from the work you missed.
Refer to the online student handbook on Absences, as this policy will be strictly adhered to.
You are required to follow all rules of conduct as outlined in the online student handbook.
You are also expected to follow the Classroom and Technology rules, as well as the Technology Resources Policy (on ebnet.org)
Make-up work for unexcused absences with parental consent will receive a penalty of one letter grade.
Unexcused example:
Family vacation to Florida
You must sign in on the late sheet if you arrive after the final bell without a signed agenda pass
This is located on the back work table
Late homework assignments may not be accepted
Or will be accepted one day late for 1/2 credit.
The total number of points you earn during the quarter are divided by the total # of points possible to determine your percentage for the quarter.
Bring these materials with you to class everyday.
writing utensil
Are there any Questions
Liz Ahnia
Stopped to talk to teacher
Cyberbullying will NOT be tolerated.
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