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Welcome to Gujarat NRE's Major Coal Expansion Project!

Gujarat NRE plans to expand its operations at Russell Vale Colliery from the current 300,000 to 3 million tons of coal per annum…… No thanks!

Kaye Osborn

on 2 April 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to Gujarat NRE's Major Coal Expansion Project!

''Families in residential areas should not have to worry about their quality of life being affected by the noise, visual impacts and other effects of coal seam gas mining," Mr O'Farrell said.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
What's in the 2,500 pages of fine print?
Mining leases in the Sydney Water
Catchment Special Area
The GNRE Russell Vale Colliery is the closest proximity to residential areas of any mine in the Illawarra, and possibly in NSW.
Trucks drive along Bellambi Lane past people's homes.
A coal stockpile as high as an 11 storey building
Stockpile options proposed:
Trucking coal to Port
Kembla Coal Terminal
Mining under Sydney Water Catchment Special Area.
Three tier mining - The GNRE Major expansion will mine the Wongawilli seam. This is beneath the Bulli and Balgownie Seams which, in the Wonga East site, have both already been mined.
The proposed Major Expansion Project undermines and threatens:
What does GNRE have planned for the neighborhood?
35% of coal content will be sold for thermal use in power stations .
(20% of Run of Mine (ROM) coal)
Option 1: 360,000 tonnes
Option 2: 840,000 tonnes
(As high as an 11 storey building)
(As high as a 14 storey building)
682 truck movements daily at peak times
Trucking permitted 7am to 10pm
If trucks are evenly spaced throughout the day (and they won't be...) this means....
45 trucks per hour
... or one truck every 80 seconds
Reference: Envinronmental Assessment Report, p 200
Coal dust from trucks is a public health threat & the noise is hell for neighbours
Fugitive Green House gas emissions from extraction of coal and more still from cracking of unmined seam(s) above the goaf in longwall mining process.
Green House gas intensive transport (Trucks).
ROM coal including 19% waste
(eg. rock, clay) is shipped to India
But the Illawarra coal fields only produce coking coal for making steel, don't they?
Ref: EA, p 187, Table 11.1
Welcome to the Gujarat NRE Major Coal Mining Expansion Project!
Gujarat NRE has applied to the Dept of Planning and Infrastructure to expand its operations at Russell Vale Colliery from the current 300,000 to 3 million tons of coal per annum…… No thanks!
Coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

Make your submission at: http://majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au/
(Search for 09_0013, NRE No. 1 Mine Underground Expansion Project)
There is little precedent for three tier mining. This is the first time a third seam of coal has been mined in the Southern Coalfields.
The subsidence impacts of 3 tier mining are unpredictable.
There are no comparable examples that can be drawn on.
“The next Liberal-National government … will ensure that mining can’t occur in any water catchment area, and will ensure that mining leases and mining exploration permits reflect that common sense. No ifs, no buts, a guarantee.”
Ref: http://www.australiancoalalliance.com/coalition.htm
42 metres
32 metres
Illawarra School for
Children with Autism
GNRE's mining lease (blue area)
Darker lines are previously mined areas.
Cataract Reservoir
Ref: Southern Coalfield Inquiry - Significant Biodiversity Features and Known Subsidence Impact Sites,
Department of Environment and Conservation, NSW, 2007
“The prediction of the impacts of subsidence on swamps, creeks, groundwater and infrastructure depends on the accuracy of the subsidence predictions themselves. However, it is a fact that these predictions of subsidence, and in particular tilts and ground surface strains, is fraught with uncertainty. The main reason for this is the impact of geological structures, often unknown, and, in the case of multi-seam mining is exacerbated by limited precedent.”
Ref: Pells P.J.N. & Pells S.E. 2011 Review of subsidence and related facets of the NRE No. 1 Colliery - underground expansion project draft environmental assessment Consultants report by Pells Consulting for Gujarat NRE. Ref P043.R2 (Final draft) Oct 2011.
Cataract Reservoir
Cataract River
Cataract Creek
Lizard Creek
Wallandoola Creek
A number of upland swamps, including swamps of significance, Endangered Ecological Communities and Threatened Species habitats
Major cliff lines
Aboriginal Heritage sites

Ref:: http://www.smh.com.au/environment/dead-in-the-water-ofarrell-buries-coal-seam-gas-plans-20130218-2eniw.html#ixzz2MoiEouq4
But just how big is that??
Assuming our Premier is 1.8m tall,
about this big...
Ref: Environmental Assessment Report, p. 56.
IRRM (Illawarra Residents for Responsible Mining Inc) is a group of local residents formed to oppose this expansion and destructive mining methods.

irrminc@gmail.com 0437 767 404
Find us on Facebook
You can get suggested points, or a pro-forma submission at www.irrm.org.au
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