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Color Theory

Learning Center

Erin O'Keefe

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Color Theory

Colors of the Week Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Although purple is also a color of royalty and nobility, it is signifies arrogance and mourning. Sunday is the day I am crankiest because the weekend is over, homework is due the next day, and a whole new week begins in the morning. On Monday, the school week begins again. It is not that I do not like going to school, it's just that there are so many days of learning and waking up early in a row. Black represents unhappiness, sadness, and mourning, which is everything I feel when I have to wake up, once again, at 7 am! The color blue represents calm, peace, trust, confidence, cleanliness, and order. On Tuesdays, I am still refreshed from the weekends, but not feeling the agony of a Monday weighing me down. Even though it is the beginning of the school week, it is an easy day to get through. On Wednesdays, I feel like it is almost Thursday, which really means it is almost Friday. Orange symbolizes enthusiasm, warmth, vibrance, and balance. On this day of the week, I know I am halfway through the school week. White is a color that symbolizes simplicity, cleanliness, purity, precision, good, and innocence. On Thursdays, I know Friday is just around the corner, which means tests. Friday is the day we are tested on what we learned throughout the week, and therefore I need precision to do well on my tests. On Thursdays, I also have Drama Club. I am stage crew and I need to be good and patient when I am feeling bored and annoyed at practices. Because yellow symbolizes joy, happiness, and optimism, think it is the color I would use for Fridays. On Friday, the weekend is here and I am ready to stay up late, sleep in, and have fun during the day, which makes me so happy and energized! I link Saturdays with green, because green means good luck, renewal, spring, youth, health, and vigor. Saturday is a day for relaxation and fun times. On this half of the weekend, I feel good and lively, and ready for anything to come my way, like maybe a night out!
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