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The ebook design evaluation by Montserrat Mejía

The purpose of this presentation is to show the essential elements of an e-book, for people to know how to evaluate and design one. I will be using the e-book “Motion in Colors” done by Claudia Cortés as a thesis, to demonstrate these elements.

Montserrat Mejía Ortiz

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of The ebook design evaluation by Montserrat Mejía

elements of e-books

Imagining we have no traditional books any more, we need to have on-line resources. Now-a-days there are some, but we need to learn the essential elements so we can evaluate the on-line e-books and choose the best work there is, as well as to know how to create and design personal e-books.
This presentation will show elements of one "Colors in Motion" e-book that in my opinion has everything important to make a great product.
The design of the
has to be
clean and clear
. The
has to be coherent and detailed.
In Colors and Motions all the sections and chapters are
clearly structured.
This is important for kids to get the important information and acquire the new knowledge.
With the right amount of
and the
correct content
aimed to specific target your e-book will be
attractive, engaging and motivating
for students.

It has to be
, for children to enjoy it.

Colors in Motion is an e-book with a lot of interaction, where you have a lot of options for your navigation and learn different aspects of color designing.
To create a good experience for students we need to be
with the fonts and colors. You can play with the important words in bold,
As you can see through the presentation in Motion and Colors, it has consistence in
format, colors and fonts
To be a good e-book it needs to be
for everyone.
This way the purpose of the product is being accomplished. Of course, we need to
the right way, so people know that we want to share our work.
The images are form an ebook done by Claudia Cortés,
Hope you enjoy my presentation
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