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collin poesch

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Suriname

Suriname Major Cities
Lelydrop- Latitude is 5.72 degrees North
Longitude is 55.23 degrees West
Population is 15,576 Moengo- Latitude is 5.63 degrees North
Longitude is 54.41 degrees West
Population is 7,000 Neighboring countries are Brazil,
Guyana, and French Guyana South America's population is
Suriname's population is
There are 15 languages in Suriname,
the main language is Dutch
The Atlantic Ocean neighbors Suriname
Some interesting sites are Brownsberg Nature Park and Galibi Nature Reserve. The climate is ususally 82-90 degrees farnenheit
It is usually rainy, tropical, and moist The sloth is a friendly animal. The poison
tree frog is dangerous if you touch it.
An endangered animal is the giant sloth. Brownsberg Nature Park Natural resources are timber, kaolin,
fish, shrimp, and gold. Industries in Suriname are goldmining
and food prosessing.
Agriculture and crops are rice, sugar,
coffe, and citrus fruits.
Jobs in Suriname are mining jobs
and food prosessing jobs.
The currency is guilders.
The education is extensive and
free until 12 years old. Historical Events
1941- US troops land in suriname
to protect bauxite mine.
1964- Suriname river gets a dam.
1975- Suriname gets independence
from Netherlands.
1982- Suriname army leader fires a
radio station.
1991- Ronald Venetiaan is choosen

Ronald Venetiaan Holidays
One holiday is Day of Revulution on
February 25.
On December 25 is the Day of Boxing.
Surriname poeple like to go shopping for fun, go to sporting events, and go to to restaurants. Imported goods to Suriname are food,
electronics, and beverages.
Exported goods are bananas, shrimp,
fish and lumber. Shrimp Transportation is Suriname are cars,
ferries, and trains. Traditions
One tradition is New Years. They like
to have drinks, music, and have fireworks.
The government in Suriname is
not as bad as America's government.
They are also not as in debt. The most common ethnic groups
in Suriname are East Indians, White,
Black, and Japaneese. Some religious groups are Christian,
Hinduism, and Islam. Curry dishes, chicken, and vegetables
is food in Suriname.
Sports in Suriname are
soccer, basketball, and volleyball. The clothing in Suriname are casual,
elegant, and they cover up. Jules Wijdenbosch is a famous person.
He is the head of state. Canoeing, jungles, and watching
sea turtles are tourist attractions. Some other interesting facts are that
there are pickpocketers, lots of burgraly,
and crimes. If you're flying to Suriname, you need
to take American Airlines. First, go to Chicago
and get off at Miami. Then take Suriname Airlines. The total time is 14 hours and 14 minutes. The total cost is $1180!
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