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No description

Ottar Osen

on 30 August 2017

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Transcript of CSEDU-Porto

Reflections on teaching ICT @ B.Sc.
Observations and reflections
Not mandatory but:
call their names
social pressure
contract (unspoken)
we see each other
more precise
Relation to theory
Brigss and Thang (2011): From highly qualified students towards more diverse background.

Gynnild et al. (2007): The teacher as a facilitator. Students as self-regulated learners.

Briggs and Thang (2011): Constructive alignment. Learning outcomes -> tasks -> methods -> activities.

We try to make open ended projects in order to avoid rigid implementations. (Andersen, 2010).

Briggs and Thang (2011): Exam defines the curriculum. In control theory, we get what we measure. Hence, we must measure (assess) everything that is important (desired learning outcomes).

Active learning in STEM -> better at reproduce, motivated, engaged, better performance (Prince 2004, Schroeder et al. 2007, Freeman et al. 2014 )

Cooperative learning give deep learning (Foldnes 2016, Bowen 2000, Johnson et al. 1998, Springer et al. 1999)
Attendance - roll call: we see increased attendance, students say it don't affect attendance. Adults with free will, babysitting?

Lectures: students prefer active learning and we should reduce amount traditional lectures further.

Mixed responses on blackboard and mandatory coursework. Why?

Students strongly agree on more feedback. Individual?

Mixed responses on one final exam or composed.

Negative towards take home exams. Why? We don't use them.

About NTNU in Ålesund, the students and us.
Ass. prof. Ottar L. Osen (14y)
Assc.prof. Robin T. Bye (9y)
B.Sc. level
Industrial control systems
Artificial Intelligence

120 students / 3 years
240 ICT + EE

2 000 students in Ålesund
38 000 at NTNU @ 3 campi
6 500 employees
> 90% young men (18-25)

Two different backgrounds:
With vocational training (apprenticeship).
High School

Class size: 20 - 40 students
Student active:
- blackboard
- quiz
- lab
- exercises
- flipped classroom
Student groups
Spot checks
Project-based Learning
Students participate in defining the success criteria - Self inflicted pain!

Project planning
- Detailed enough
- One responsible, one support
- Progress followup

"As in real life / business"


mix background
mix sexes
mix ethnicity
Written vs. oral

Project + oral

Group oral

Pre-defined questions
- Reduce uncertainty
- Define scope
- Not easy!
Concluding remarks
We find support for our own experiences in the literature.

Active learning is popular amongst the students and give deep learning.

Laboratory work is very important in teaching engineering.

Mixed feelings on roll call and compulsory coursework.

More feedback is wanted (individual?).

The survey give us more questions than answers, why do the students respond like they do? We need better questions!

Digital exams? Save cost? At any cost? Do we better assess all learning objectives?
Thank you for your attention!
We are eager to cooperate with other teachers and researchers that are interested in Active Learning.

Feel free to contact the authors:


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