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Mental Health in Death of a Salesman

No description

Imani Johnson

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Mental Health in Death of a Salesman

Abuse in the Mental health community
Thank You!
Mental Health in the Late 1940's
Mental illness was not as widely accepted and understood as it is today. Many people that suffered through these diseases were lock up in asylums and rejected by their families
There was mass ignorance surrounding the topic of Mental health thus allowing the public to turn a blind eye to their abuse
Mental Hospitals
There was a huge overcrowding problem in many American psychiatric hospitals
Many patients were kept restrained in straight jackets and cells for most of the day
There was questionable experimentation and harmful drugs provided to patients as treatment
Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe, and disabling brain disorder that has affected people throughout history.

People with the disorder may hear voices other people don't hear. They may believe other people are reading their minds, controlling their thoughts, or plotting to harm them. This can terrify people with the illness and make them withdrawn or extremely agitated.

Willy's Symptoms of Schizophrenia
Exhibits bipolar tendencies
Delusional thoughts
Suicidal attempts
Abuse in Mental Hospitals
Imani Johnson
Mental Health in Death of a Salesman
Schizophrenia Treatment
Insulin Coma Therapy
Drug Therapy
Electroshock Therapy
Mental Illness's
Effects on Willy
Willy Loman is presented in the text as a man that is lost in memories of the past, denial, mood swings, and inconsistencies. Loman's illness is used as a defense mechanism to
distort his view of reality
Lost his job
Feelings of Anger
The effect of Mental Illness in the Text
Mental Illness effect on the Family
Linda Loman
Feeds into the lie
Stress with Finances
Micromanage Willy
Effect on Sons
Worried about father
Lie to protect Willy's feelings
Constant conflict
Effects relationship with mother
Inconsistent role model
Class Assessment
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