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Li Hui Ong

on 1 December 2013

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Garments are all well steamed.
There is no price tag.
Lighting is working, and given the space limitation, it is working its best.
There is some paint come off on the ceiling. It is best if they can repaint that.
Other than that it is considered clean, on the floor and the window.
The mannequins are facing towards different direction, at least slightly different, given the small space. They have contrast in height also, so it is not boring and ‘formal’.
Basically the mannequins are styled in the same trend: Dark Craft and the garments are all from new intake. The outfits include dresses, shorts and leggings, showing a contrast and at the same time all are using outer wear and hats to synchronize.
It would be better if the mannequins are given some jewelleries to complete the look and that would be opportunity of sales too.

Retail Standards:
The jacket is not hung properly.
The price tag of the white blouse is not hid.
There is a scratch mark on the mannequin. It should be painted or replaced with a new one.
The hanger of the red pasha cami should face the other way.
It has not been ironed nicely.
Plastic on bag strap should be taken off before it is displayed, or the strap can be kept in the bag itself.
It looks very messy. It is not hung properly and jeans of different colours are mixed together.
Ladder should be kept in a more appropriate place such as storeroom.
This is a very good example for retail standard. Everything is correctly and nicely displayed.
Fitting room is considered clean and tidy, which is very good.
From the entrance, the key sightline is the graphic behind cashier counter. It is what the customers see when they are walking into the shop. Apart from the graphic, the other key sightline is the four railings with sales items as it is where their eyes normally take them.
VM Standards and Guidelines:
The mannequins near to the cashier counter and the wall at the end are the secondary sightlines. They are also very important spots to create interest. Thus, we can see there are co-ordinations created on the high level, to maintain interest.
The focal points are the 50% off graphic in striking pink. Those, which are created at the sightlight, are the things that stand out to capture customers’ attention. They catch customers’ eyes before any other things.
The rail and shelf forms a pause point for customers. Other than garments, bags and shoes are placed there for customers to browse. It is a way to make customers stop and shop. The bags and shoes are normally matching to the outfit on the rail, to achieve the impact of completion and attraction.
There is no one straight ‘runway’ at the shop floor. Fixtures like rail and shelf, pigeon hole table, mannequins, c- rail, 4-way fixture and so on are placed strategically to create a walkway which lead customers to walk through the whole shop.
Mannequin Styling:
As we can see there are 2 groups of mannequins and 3 trends in the store. Window display is for Dark Craft and This is England is shown on the other group of mannequins (the secondary sightline). Margot’s World is set up in one corner for the reason that the trend is diminishing and there is not much space left.
Mannequin styling would be more complete if we can add on wig and jewelleries.
Product Merchandizing:
Due to the space constraint, VM team cannot really do much. Unlike the other outlets, there is no shoe lounge in this store as well. The product merchandizing on pigeon hole table is not very ideal. It does not look neat and attractive but empty.

They can use accessories tower for the bags while remain the shoes on the wall since they do not have enough pairs on sales. Graphic can be placed accordingly to indicate the promotion.

According to VM guidelines, the key colour for TOKYO BLOOM is green but due to the fact that we received only limited pieces of green garments, I decided to remain pink and yellow as the key colours. I have brought the pink items to floor fixtures and yellow to the wall to give it a fresh look. The other change I have made is to put green together with pink and light blue with yellow.
I started with the floor fixtures. I put the floral oversized shirt as the key piece on the 4-way fixture, and then make a co-ordination according to that.

On the frame fixture, the pink blouse with bow is the key. Long sleeves items and coats are to complete the winter look.

The floral statement necklace is also to accessorize to further enhance the look.
On the wall bay, jumpsuit and the white embellishment dress are the key pieces. Yellow is highlighted and light blue is to add interest.
There is still an arm of smart jackets putting together with the promotion end-of-arm to acknowledge customers about the on-going sales.
Since the sleeveless embellishment blouse is also a key item, it is placed next to the jumpsuits.
Shoes and bags are remained at high level and giving a formal look to the co-ordinations.
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