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おKevin L.>_< Liu

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of INUIT

There is 3 types of homes. There is 2 types of homes in the winter to choose from.They would build a snow house or a sod house.A snow house is made out of blocks of snow. They pile the snow up that is going to form a dome.A sod house is made from stones, driftwood, whale bones and sod.The stones, driftwood, whale bones are used for frame while the sod covered the frames. The sod kept the houses warm. In the summer, they would live in tents. The females will sew together seal or caribou skins then they would ask help from males to stretch it over the frames that the males made. It will be held onto the ground with rocks.

People who live in the Arctic can only use animals to make clothes. Also if they want waterproof clothes they sometimes have to use marine mammal's inside parts and bladder or interlines these are there the things they use to make waterproof clothes. To keep their kids warm their mothers use special belt to carry a baby on their backs. Going outdoors, mothers also wear large hoods, the mothers hood helps their kid stay warm. People in the Arctic use waterbirds to make parkas from their skin and feathers. Inuit boots are called kamiik, kamiik was made from pieces of sealskin. They also use sealskin to make mittens. Pants were mostly made from caribou hides. Parkas were also made from caribou hides and woman's who live in the Arctic made clothes out of seals, caribou, bears, foxes and other animals.
On snow on ice:dog teams take the people on the slid
On water :Kyae canoe
Walk on snow:snow shoes

Inuktitut is spoken in Canada. Kalaallisut is the language that most people in Greenland speaks. As Inuktitut was the language of the Eastern Canadian Inuit and Kalaallisut is the language of the Western Greenlandic Inuit.Inuit in America and Canada also typically speak English. In Greenland, Inuit also speak Danish and learn English in school. Canadian Inuit may also speak Québécois French.


Geographic Information
In the Arctic, fruits, vegetables and grains are very rare, so they hunted Arctic animals such as seal for the meat and skin, walruses/narwhals for the ivory (tusks) and the meat (mostly for the dogs) and beluga whales for the skin and mukluk (outer skin and blubber). They also hunted land animals such as caribou, musk oxen, arctic fox, polar bear, arctic hare and arctic birds. Before the Inuit eat, they thank the animal for sacrificing itself.
Summer starts in mid-July and ends at August but even if it is summer its still very cold. Little precipitation falls and the sun never sets. In the winter it starts snowing or raining but the sun never rises and temperatures in the middle of the Arctic. People in the Arctic constructed house out of a lot of things like hides, whale bone, sod, drift wood and snow. The environment in the Arctic stops people from growing their own food but people still have a varied diet. They have been eating fishs, seals, whales, and caribou. Arctic is next to Canada, Alaska( U.S.A), Russia Norway and Green land (Denmark). About 4 million people are living in the Arctic permanently and they also discovered oil, minerals and diamonds.
the populations now range from about 8% in Greenland, 50% in Canada, 20% in Alaska, 15% in Arctic Norway and as little as 3-4% in Arctic Russia.

Geographic Information
Spiritual Beliefs and Ceremonies
The Inuit believes in Christianity/Jesus Christ. They believe that when a hunter kills an animal, the animal's spirit still lives. Before they eat, the Inuit asks the animal's spirit to return to the world and have a better life. They also believe that if the animal is not spoken to, the spirit will get angry. A long time ago, the Inuit thought shamans/angalkuqs could travel to the spirit world. For a long time, the Inuit did not practice their own religion, but some families do. The Inuit uses dances to communicate with the spirit world
social/village organization
The men were traditionally hunters and fishermen and the women took care of the children, cleaned the home, sewed, caring for the sick and elderly, helped to build and take care of the family's shelter and cooked.Every household had its head, an elder or a particularly respected man. The group's chief of a tribe is usually the oldest men or/and the strongest hunter in the group. Some childrens would fish or hunt with their dad, if necessary. A child would help out with the family by the age of 12. The mom usually taught the daughter and the father usually taught the son.The mens and womans helped each other because they can't do it alone.The men's roles were to hunt, fish, and build houses. There was also a spiritual role.ther role can be for male and female. They were usually chosen at birth.They were called angakoqs.They helped cure the sick, control the weather, and improve the hunting.They used spirit to do everything.In a tribe, there was an elder.They had the roles of telling the children stories and making sure the children knew their background.They also made sure the children could control their souroundings.

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