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Threads of Occupy

Ideological roots of Occupy in a selection of past protest movements

Kevin Gillan

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Threads of Occupy

(Understanding Occupy as Direct Action) Threads of Occupy Some Context Crowd-sourced activist map of occupations, late 2011. Occupy ... everywhere? Occupy ... USA Crowd-sourced activist map of occupations, late 2011. Source: BBC, 5 Sept 2011, http://goo.gl/L4x1x Source: BBC, 5 Sept 2011, http://goo.gl/L4x1x Background Questions What is the power of occupation?
What are the impacts of occupation?
What tensions exist in occupation? A Web of Ideas and Practices Participatory democracy Critique of power Demonstrating to outsiders Occupation an inspiration to... a space for... exercising... Confrontational / Disobedient Creation of alternatives (a.k.a. prefiguration) Individual liberty Individual culpability Coercion? Against representation? Inclusive spaces Anti-discrimination Direct Action Political alternatives? Cultural? Meaning A structure of beliefs and values that are often connected
A way of making sense of the world
An indication of a longer (ideological?) tradition Or really, exclusive? having an unmediated effect on one's opponent... Can these coexist? "non violent resistance should be related equally to ending war and to bringing about radical social changes. These two should be regarded as inextricably interwoven… Social aims in the United Kingdom hinged around the decentralisation of the bureaucratic, managerialist and militaristic features of State Socialism and State Capitalism experienced today" The 1957 Committee e.g. Opposing Fluent, Sheffield 2003 “Every weapon and delivery system is just a collection of components put together. And every manufacturer of components has to take the blame for the end product. ” (Contributor to debate on Sheffield IMC) Photo Source: Time Occupy Gallery, http://goo.gl/Th8MA Photo Source: Time Occupy Gallery, http://goo.gl/Th8MA Photo Source: Time Occupy Gallery, http://goo.gl/Th8MA
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