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Motion Picture Academic Enrichment Curriculum

Million Dollar Education

Moses Chris Theimer

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of Motion Picture Academic Enrichment Curriculum

Motion Picture
Academic Enrichment
How can teachers
Motion Picture
Academic Enrichment
The place should be a nonprofit educational institution.

The material must be legitimately acquired, legal copy,
must be used in a classroom dedicated to instruction.

Not for use as entertainment or reward.

The use should be instructional.

Teachers may use these materials in the classroom without restrictions of length, percentage or multiple time used.

Million Dollar
Film clips are from 5-10 minutes not the whole movie.

Film clips must be age appropriate rating - PG, PG 13, maybe “R” depending on the scene. Need to be very careful with “R” rated movies when given for homework assignment, must check with principal.

Must be engaging, aesthetically pleasing, and high level of excitement.

In reviewing your lesson plans teachers will analyze and evaluate each section that may need a visual component, film clip that enhances the lesson to assist students to fully understand your lesson objectives.

At your leisure, search for movie scenes that can be used to apply and enhance your lesson objective.

Matching film clips or Youtube video clips with your lessons may take some time, especially if you are looking for a great and exciting scenes.

What to look for
Film clips must have a strong academic component that directly connected to the subject lesson.

Must be engaging, aesthetically pleasing, and high level of excitement.

The visual media must supports the primary academic goal.

Prioritize student learning of the specific academic lesson

Visual Curriculum Development

Teachers will analyze and evaluate their class objective that needs a visual component to comprehend and understand.

Find meaningful and relevant visual images to the lesson plan.

Lessons must be intriguing, inspiring, and educational.

Teacher will analyze movies that have scenes that are optimal for teaching the lesson

Goal of a movie scene is not to entertain or excite a student and not just to do busy class work, but to achieve Bloom’s Taxonomy of higher levels of thinking- analysis, evaluation and synthesis.

Math may be the most tedious subject for non-math majors.

There are many Hollywood action scenes that show car races, vehicles jumping
over obstacles and things.

I selected a scene from a German movie called
In July
that can illustrates an in-depth
mathematical formula or physic principle.

In the movie
In July
a couple is trying to jump over a river and the driver is trying to
figure out the equation and write the formula.

The Math Teacher will cue the movie before class and play the movie until the car
jumps off the ramp.

Motion Picture Academic Enrichment Curriculum for Math
X= weight of car ½ Ton

Distance= 25 meters

Ramp= 10% Angle
Change up the Variables
Discussion and Analyzing
If the girl in the film is the driver, how fast does the car need to go?

If a bike was used instead, how fast will the bike need to go? The bike weighs 30 pounds.
You take over & start ...
Who go the answer right?
Motion Picture
Academic Enrichment
History or Sociology
China History
Warring states and the unification of china
Discuss the different ways of group decisions:
democratic, consensus, dictators. Explain the pros and cons of each

Subject: Leadership, Communication
1- Teachers will state the effectiveness of each visual media using internet videos or movies on DVD or Netflix. (Lower level of thinking- Knowledge)
2- Teachers will explain the benefits how the multimedia visual resource is enriching the lesson. Compare with the former non-media lessons curriculum. (Lower level of thinking- Comprehension)
3- Teachers will analyze visual media to match the subject lesson that enhances, enrich, and better understand the lesson by observing each aspect of the film or video. (Higher level of thinking- Analysis)
4- Teacher will evaluate lesson plans to for media resources by stating beneficial aspects. (Higher level of thinking- Evaluating)
5- Teacher will create guidelines in the uses of visual media. (Higher level of thinking- Synthesis)

With the Motion Picture Academic Enrichment Curriculum your students can receive a million dollar education
Other Subjects
What Happened
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