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erika soto

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Sociologists

Sociologist is a social scientist who studies the institutions and development of human society.
What is a migrant worker?
A migrant worker is a person who moves place to place to get a work done.
What is a tenant farmer?
A tenant farmer typically paid a landowner for the right to grow crops on a certain piece of property
There is still migrant workers today. Migrant workers were workers that pick cotton, fruits and those types of works. The live they lived was unwealthy with law wages of pay. They lived in the houses they made from scavenged scraps and lived without plumbing and electricity
During the 1930's, why did workers whant to come to california?

By: Erika Soto and Thaw Oo
Sociologist's head
Migrant Workers
Are there migrant workers or tenant farmers today? Describe the types of people they are and what kind of lives they lead.
Tenant Farmers
What are the living conditions of migrant workers in california?
How were migrants workers affercted by the Great Depression?
What was the Dust Bowl? how did it affect migrant workers and tenant farmers?
workers wanted to move to california because they wanted to work on farms which was one of the only industries going on
they had very poor living conditions, and would often get sick since they lived with so many other people in such a small space.
migrant workers were people who were effectively drifters. they would move place to place and looked for any sort of job that they could work in order to keep living. when the great depression hit , they sustained massive losses.
The Dust Bowl was the mane given to the Great Plains region devasted by drought in 1930's depression-ridden America. The Dust Bowl affected the migrant workers and tenat farmers because the people had to abandon their farms and many of them came from Oklahoma. They migrated to california for a better living conditions for they family.
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