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No description

April McFall

on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of Hessians

The Hessians
Hessian Behavior
The Hessians had the largest population of greedy soldiers you could ever imagine. They mainly came over to help the British because they figured that they would strike rich. They figured they would find money, gold, and silver everywhere. They stole the Americans suplies because they loved money.
Weapons and Battle Tactics
The Hessians were experts with bayonets. They fight like they are in the medieval times. They are ruthless and selfish. They don't care who they kill even if it is the British.
As you can see the uniform has a red lace with the buttons on top. Also this uniform belongs to soldier. If it was a red or green uniform then it would belong to the commander.
Soldier Uniform
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