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Brotherhood in islam

No description

Waleed Yassin

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Brotherhood in islam

Brotherhood in islam
BY:Waleed Yassin, Zain Rana, and Ibraheem Ihmeidan






Word Watch
Muslims are your Brothers and Sisters
Islam is not just a religion.It is a way of life. Islam teaches Muslims special ways to deal with each other. In our religion ,there is the idea of ukhowwah, or brotherhood and sisterhood.In Islam, all muslims are considered brothers and sisters to each other, whether they are related or not. A brother or a sister in Islam can some times be better than a real sibling.
Brothers and Sisters in Faith
The Prophet taught us that we should admire people according to their devotion (love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person to Islam), not merely (nothing more) according to their blood relationship to us. The better Muslim a person is, the more we ought to love him or her. Sometimes a brother in Islam is much more religious and is kinder to you than your own brother or sister. However, we should still love and respect our siblings and relatives, even if they are non-Muslims. Allah and the Prophet ordered us to love them and be very kind to them.
Great examples of Brotherhood
Abu Bakr As-Siddeeq was the most beloved companion of the Prophet. He was the first man to accept Islam when Muhammad became a Prophet. Even the Prophet's own relatives denied Allah's religion. Abu Bakr trusted the Prophet and did anything and everything he was asked by him to do. Throughout his life,Abu Bakr As-Siddeeq performed many great deeds. For example, he stayed in Makkah as long as the prophet did, and helped him make the dangerous trip to Madinah. In his final days, when the Prophet was to ill to stand in prayer, he selected Abu Bakr from among all the Muslims to lead the prayer for him. Abu Bakr was a true brother in Islam.
What is an ukhowwah?
Brotherhood and sisterhood

What did the prophet teach us?
The Prophet taught us that we should admire people according to their devotion to Islam.
Abu Bakr was a true blank in Islam.

Abu Bakr was a true Brother in islam.
Ibn Omar reported that Rasoolullah said:
"The Muslim is a brother to a Muslim; he doesn't hurt him nor let others hurt him. Whoever helped his brother when in need, Allah will help him when he becomes in need. And whoever eased a difficulty to a muslim, Allah will ease his difficulties in the day of judgement. And whoever protects a privacy of a muslim, Allah will protect his privacy during the day of Judgement."
1. What is the arabic words for brother, brothers, sister, and sisters?

2. Why is Brotherhood part of being a good muslim ?

3. How is it that sometimes brothers and sisters in Islam can be superior to blood brothers and sisters ?
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