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Public Relations Timeline

The history of public relations in America

Xiomara McCandele

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Public Relations Timeline

Public Relations Timeline- The United States Colonial America As early as the 1580's, public relations was used to promote colonization to the new world 19th Century The Golden Age of Press Agentry Dawn of the 20th Century The Age of Pioneers Depression/New Deal Era More Pioneers in the Field WWII 1942 -- Office of War Information, headed by Elmer Davis, promoted public support and involvement in World War II. The Virginia Company distributed brochures and flyers offering free land to anyone willing to migrate Colonists stage Boston Tea Party,
a pseudo-event that helped charge
public opinion against British rule 1840s-P.T. Barnum pioneered press agentry by promoting local performances of his touring circus. Made people like Tom Thumb, a midget performer, into one of the first celebrities. 1850s- American railroads used publicity, advertising, and printed materials to attract tourists and settlers to the American West First corporate public relations department
established by Westinghouse. Promoted benefits
of alternating current vs. direct current invented
by Thomas Edison Ivy Lee. four principles:
aligned business with public interest
asked for active support from management
maintaining open communication with media
humanized business down to the level of employees, customers, and neighbors. 1916 -- The Committee on Public Information, headed by George Creel, promoted public support of American involvement in World War I. 1923 -- Edward L. Bernays published Crystallizing Public Opinion and popularized the term "public relations counsel." He also taught the first public relations course (at New York University). 1927 -- Arthur W. Page was named vice president-public relations at AT&T, accepting the job only if he were allowed to be involved in policy-making. Page would distinguish himself as the leading corporate practitioner of the century by emphasizing the importance of cooperation with the public and of disclosure about corporate activities. 1933 -- First political-campaign firm was established, by husband and wife Clem Whitaker and Leone Baxter, who pioneered modern electioneering with several famous campaigns in California. 1934 -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt used his famous "fireside chats" to instill confidence in the American people. 1946 -- First widespread use of television publicity 1948 -- The Public Relations Society of America is founded 1965- Today The Global Information Society

The use of social media becomes important to public relations Links Google Images
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