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Coal Mining " Is It Worth The Trouble"

Coal mining,What brings more electricity home to americans then any other recorse in the world.

Kyle Runyon

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Coal Mining " Is It Worth The Trouble"

Coal Mining Is It Worth It Coal mining brings home more electricity to the homes of america then in other resorce in the world. Coal mining has many faults but were whould we be without it today, out on the prairie milking the dairy cows with maw and paw . When a minor steps in his steel toe boots every morning he has to face that there are many ways to lose his life on the job . Gas build ups
Chronic lung disease (Black Lung)
Roof colapsing
Mining equipment malfunctions
Use of improper explosives
and many more There are six main countrys that produce coal.
The United States
South Africa
China Now days you have much more saftey equipment in the mines, then back in the day when you use to grab youre lantern and tell leroy to grab the shovel cause hes got some diging to do. On other hand our so much loved president is trying to find his best way around using coal as a resorce. Coal mining has
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