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Dear Mr Kilmer-Event

No description

Edword Ho

on 22 January 2017

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Transcript of Dear Mr Kilmer-Event

Richard learnt about Mr Kilmer when Richards English teacher,Mrs Hansen read poem to the class.The tittle of the poem was"Trees" by Joyce Kilmer.
Mrs Hansen told the class that Mr.Kilmer was a famous poet.He worked for "The New York Times."
Richard regarded Mr Kilmer as his new hero because Mr Kilmer loved poetry and was brave to enlist in the army.
Richard got Mr.Kilmers office address.
2)Richard wrote his first letter to Mr.Kilmer
Richard thought that hunting was not important.
Richard could not kill animals.
3)Hannah Schermer cried at the hallway
Someone scrawled "Dirty Hun" all over bookcover.
Dear Mr Kilmer-Event
In his letter,Richard told Mr.Kilmer that he wrote poem too.However,he kept this as a secret from everyone .
Richard asked for Mr.Kilmers advice.He wanted to know whether he should tell his secret to everybody.
This was how Richard became friends with Mr Kilmer.They always exchanged with each other.
Richard always sent a poem with his letters.Mr Kilmer would praise Richard and make suggestions. to improve the poem
1)Richard purposely missed shooting a buck
Gus,Richard elder brother,was upset with Richard because Richard purposely misfired.
Richards father,Pa was also disappointed with Richard.
Pa asked Richard why he purposely missed shooting the buck.
Richard told Pa that he had no right to kill it.
Richard told Pa that he felt painful and sad to kill an animal.
Pa told Richard not to go hunting anymore it he did not like it.
Richard realised thta his schoolmate s were mean to Hannah and her parent.
a)They said that the schermers were Huns.
b)They said that the Schermers were unpatriotic because they spoke German and served Hun food at their Tavern while a war was going on against Germany.
c)Starting from this incidnent,the Schermers were always being mistreated by some of the Turtle Lake people.

World War I
Date : 28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918
(4 years, 3 months and 2 weeks)

Allied Powers :
France,British Empire,Russia,Belgium,Serbia,Japan,Italy ,Portugal,Romania,United States
Total Died,wounded,missing:22,477,500

Central Powers :
Germany,Austria-Hungary,Ottoman Empire,Bulgaria
Total Died,wounded,missing,:16,403,000
Joyce Kilmer
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