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Vanessa Gallardo

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of HUMAN RIGHTS

that we are all
free & equal
Islam gives lesser rights to the females as compared to males.
the Quran declares that:
Men are created one step higher than women.
Good women should be obedient to their husbands.
Women inherit only half of what a man inherits.
Witness of 2 women equals Witness of 1 man.

Do not discriminate
Lhotshampa families, including their
children, suffered serious and sustained discrimination leading to the mass exodus in the early 1990s. However, discrimination against this ethnic group continues for those remaining within Bhutan.
reports that these children face de facto discrimination in access to education and other services;
and alleged discriminatory practices of children on the basis of status, activities, or opinions of their parents, or relatives.”

Right to live
• The Vietnamese authorities adopted
an increasingly severe attitude towards the
so-called 'groups of high risk behavior for
contracting HIV', like drug addicted and
prostitutes, qualified as "social demons".
At least 75,000 drug dependent
persons were detained in 71 overpopulated rehab
camps in 2002
No slavery permited

• In Guinea-Bissau, children as young as five are trafficked out of the
country to work in cotton fields in southern Senegal or as beggars in
the capital city. In Ghana, children five to fourteen are tricked with
false promises of education and future into dangerous, unpaid jobs in
the fishing industry.
• In northern Uganda, the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) guerrillas have
kidnapped 20,000 children over the past twenty years and forced
them into service as soldiers or sexual slaves for the army.

No turture
• In 2008, US authorities continued to hold 270 prisoners in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, without charge or trial, subjecting them to “water-boarding,” torture that simulates drowning. Former-President George W. Bush authorized the CIA to continue secret detention and interrogation, despite its violation of international law.
• In Darfur, violence, atrocities and abduction are rampant and outside aid all but cut off. Women in particular are the victims of unrestrained assault, with more than 200 rapes in the vicinity of a displaced persons camp in one five-week period, with no effort by authorities to punish the perpetrators.

We all have the right to use the law
Right to democracy
• In Zimbabwe, hundreds of human rights defenders and members
of the main opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), were arrested for participating in peaceful gatherings.
• In Pakistan, thousands of lawyers, journalists, human rights defenders and political activists were arrested for demanding democracy, the rule of law and an independent judiciary.
• In Cuba, at the end of 2007, sixty two prisoners of conscience remained incarcerated for their nonviolent political views or activities.

Fair treatment
by fair courts

No Unfair Detainment
• Yet, thousands of Tamil civilians were, and are still being detained by the Sri Lankan government in concentration camps. According to the Telegraph, they were screened for terrorist connections and then held under armed guard; single youngsters are confined to the camps. This is unfair detainment. By confining Tamils to concentration camps, and restricting the freedom of movement for no other reason than discrimination, it is unfair. 100,000 people still remain in these camps, unsettled in their villages.
• In Myanmar, thousands of citizens
were detained, including 700 prisoners of conscience, most notably Nobel Laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. In retaliation for her political activities, she has been imprisoned or under house arrest for twelve of the last eighteen years, and has refused government offers of release that would require her to leave the country.

• In Algeria, refugees and asylum-seekers were frequent victims of detention, expulsion or ill treatment. Twenty-eight individuals from sub-Saharan African countries with official refugee status from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) were deported to Mali after being falsely tried, without legal counsel or interpreters, on charges of entering Algeria illegally. They were dumped near a desert town where a Malian armed group was active, without food, water or medical aid.
Right to asylum
The right to trial
Innocent until proven guilty
Jessie Clark unfairly arrested in New York City
by a cop, he was incriminated of stealing
a gun from a policeman.
In court he was eventually claimed not guilty
and went free.

The case of Argentine Juan Manuel Palmisano. On December 7, 2009 Alan is kidnapped Sancho, son of businessman in the town of San Martín, Gustavo Sancho. Palmisano was a trader who worked and weekends caring for her daughter, until a year after the fact, the way to work, was arrested and charged with the kidnapping. Economically and morally bankrupt unjustly spent two years, three months and nine days in the Penal Ezeiza until December 11, 2012, when he was acquitted after corroborating that all evidence against him was nonexistent.
Seven whistleblowers have been prosecuted
under the Obama administration,' writes Jesselyn Radack,
a lawyer who advised two of them. She explains why they
can't get a fair trial. In the Thomas Drake case, the
administration retroactively marked documents as classified,
saying, 'he knew they should have been classified.' In the
Bradley Manning case, the jury wasn't allowed to see what
information was leaked.
The defendants, all who have been charged with espionage,
have limited access to
court documents. Most of these problems happen
because the law was written to deal
with traitorous spies, not whistleblowers.

Police officers interrupt family watching X Factor to
‘discipline’ boy who flicked elastic band at fellow pupil

Police officers interrupt family watching X Factor to
‘discipline’ boy who flicked elastic band at fellow pupil

They ran out of options and someone told them to consider asylum,” Caudillo said. “I told them how tough it is going through an asylum process, but they should decide by themselves.”
Right to a nationality
*******is a girl that was born in France but precisly in that year the regulations and requirements for people to have the french nationality changed, she had to leave minimum 5 continuous years and she didn't applied so Mexico, where her parents where from have her the nationality so this girl finally got her legally nationality.
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