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Affirmative Action

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Mike Kim

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Affirmative Action

Double click anywhere & add an idea Affirmative Action Mike Kim What is Affirmative Action? The term affirmative action refers to anything where favor or disfavor is given to someone based on their race, gender, or social class.
How is it used?

It is often used in the workforce and for school admissions
It offers an advantage for minorities by aknowledging the fact that they are often disadvantaged (family status, family income, lack of alumni members in the family)
It is the same as people benefiting from being children of alumni or the equivalent in the workforce

Is it OK to let minorities into schools and jobs soley on your race/ethnicity?

A misconception of affirmative action is that the quality of the workforce and student body is lowered
It doesn't mean that less qualified people are being selected over others, it simply means that it's presenting an equal opportunity to everyone and keeping in mind the disadvatages they face
Affirmative action works to reverse discrimination minorities faced in the past

What's the difference between affirmative action and reverse discrimination?
Critics argue that affirmative action is just another form of discrimination
Affirmative action just levels the playing field and gives advantages to "cancel out" the advantages that people of the majority already benefit from
Affirmative Action is a NECESSITY Throughout the 90s, Caucasian males held 95-97% of the high-level corporate jobs in the U.S. (National Organization For Women)
"African Americans are 3 times more likely than Caucasians to live below the poverty line" (Ritter)
71% of all degrees earned in 2000 were earned by Caucasians “Whether it's due to racism, closed doors, or perhaps the non-existence of affirmative action, the results would have been the same – lack of opportunities” (Rockwell).
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