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Setting and Plot

We will explain the influence of the setting on plot development, using the Wizard of Oz as an initial model.

Jennifer Frasier

on 28 June 2011

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Transcript of Setting and Plot

Welcome to Language Arts
(Where setting drives plot!) Please begin working on this BOGGLE, you have 3 minutes after the bell rings: Let's take a quick moment to recap where we've been lately... Next, I need 2 rocking volunteers. What key vocabulary do we use to describe the time and place where a story happens? D F L E X
T R G R K Time for a think back! How would you describe the setting of The Wizard of Oz?? Let's add those to our "SIC" What is a "SIC"? Before we continue, each person in your group needs to create a plot graph that is labeled with these terms: Exposition, Turning point, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, & Denouement. Use the plot graph to chart the key moments in a story you create, involving the characters and setting outlined for you in your group folder. Each of you can come up with your own story and you can decide on the best one as a group, or you use each other to collaborate. Setting Impact Chart Story Setting Impact on Plot Text Evidence to Support The SIC helps us keep track of what we already know... that where and when a story takes place helps to direct what can (or cannot!) happen in that story. For instance, if a story takes place in someone's home, it would be absurd for a stewardess to come in and start reminding people to buckle up, but it would be perfectly expected for someone to be cooking dinner.

The SIC is a tool that helps us track our thinking. Next up....
Guided Practice Now you are going to get a chance to see if you can fill out the SIC on your own with some stories that you might already know. Pick four Fairy tales from the stations around the room and fill out the SIC for each of them.

This is independant practice.

Please remember that you are still allowed to make mistakes and ask for teacher help during guided practice.

Raise your hand and wait patiently if you need help. Let's look at the Wizard of Oz again. Why do you believe that the author might have made Oz into a magical place? What are some of the impacts on the plot that could not have happened "back in Kansas"? Good Day!
Please attempt to solve this puzzle before class begins:

A woman has incontrovertible proof in court that her husband was murdered by her sister. The judge declares, "This is the strangest case I've ever seen. Though it's a cut-and-dried case, this woman cannot be punished."

Why?? Sometimes, how we look at things is important.
What do you see in this 3D picture??? Homefun: To practice this at home, fill out a SIC tonight for a story you read (even children's books have settings) or for a tv show you watched. (Be quick to write down a quote for your text evidence). This is a great way to check your undertanding before working with this on your own. You can turn it in tomorrow for credit. Please list at least five entries on your SIC Journal about a time where the setting that you were in impacted what you could or could not do. How did you feel? How might you have changed the setting if you could? Turn to pg. ??? in your text.

As you read, write down any questions you have about the story. Try to be especially aware of how setting impacts plot. Today we need to finish reading the story that we began reading yesterday. Please fill out a SIC that goes along with our story. Think of as many impacts on the plot as you can and be sure to provide text evidence to support your ideas.

Your SIC will be due at the end of class today. W.o.W. - Vocation "Even before I started teaching, I felt it was the vocation for me." First:
1. Describe the context clues that help you to know the meaning of the word.

Then use a dictionary or other resource to:
2. Define the word, determine the part of speech and the root of the word. 3. Give 3 other alternative word choices that would work as well

4. Write a paragraph or create a cartoon which not only uses the word, but shows its meaning.
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