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12 Rules of the Knights of the Round Table

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Ashlin Shuttlesworth

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of 12 Rules of the Knights of the Round Table

Ashlin Shuttlesworth and Morgan Wilson 12 Rules
of the Knights
of the Round Table About the Round Table The Round Table was not only a physical table, but
was also the highest Order of Chivalry at the Court of
King Arthur. King Arthur ordered the Round Table
to be built in order to resolve a conflict among his
knights concerning who should have precedence.
All seats at the Round Table were favored places, and
all were equal. The Knights of the Round Table were
served their food as equals and none of them could
boast that he had a seat of higher dignity than that of
any of his fellow Knights. Never lay down arms 1 2 To seek after wonders 4 Injure no one 5 Do not attack one another 6 Fight for the safety of one's country 7 Give one's life for one's country 8 Seek nothing before honor 9 Never break faith for
any reason 10 Practice religion
most diligently 11 Grant hospitality to anyone, each according to his ability 12 Whether in honor or disgrace, make a report with the greatest fidelity to truth to those who keep the annals. 3 When called upon, defend
the rights of the weak
with all one's strength This rule reminds Knights to never give up or surrender. This is still useful to people today because it reminds us that when we are working towards something we should never give up. No matter what, if your country is in danger and you have to give your life up, you do it. This is also still used today with soldiers fighting over seas. I am sure they would give up their life for our country. Knights should never go against their faith
for anything. Most people in the world do not go
against their faith for any reason. A knight should never stray from practicing his religion just like people try to do today. Do not fight to kill people, fight to keep your country safe. Soldiers today are not fighting to kill people. They are fighting to keep our country and the people in it safe. Do not do anything that is dishonorable. Anything you do, do with honor. Do not intentionally go and attack someone to cause harm on them. This rule is self explanatory. Do not harm or hurt anyone unless you are protecting your country. Knights should fight for those
that can't fight for themselves.
Just like today, lawyers fight
for us and defend our rights. You should seek out the answers to things.
Do not just believe something someone tells you. Be as nice as you can to everyone, no matter the situation. Always make sure that what you
say or write down is always the truth.
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