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Canadian jazz pianist Oscar Peterson

No description

Phuong Pham

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Canadian jazz pianist Oscar Peterson

Oscar Emmanuel Peterson is a Canadian jazz pianist and composer.
His work has earned him eight Grammy awards over the years.
In 1978, Peterson was elected to the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.
He also belongs to the Juno Awards Hall of Fame and the Canadian Jazz and Blues Hall of Fame.
Early Success

Peterson started classical piano lessons when he was six and developed quickly.
His father, Daniel Peterson, an amateur trumpeter and pianist, was one of his first music teachers; his sister Daisy taught young Oscar classical piano.
Then he was sent to teacher Paul de Marky, a Hungarian classical pianist.
He entered and won a CBC amateur contest and was given his own 25 minute program.
His first exposure to the musical talents of Art Tatum came early in his teen years.
Personal Information
- Born: August 15, 1925, Montreal, Quebec.
- Died: December 23, 2007, Mississauga, Ont.(kidney failure)
- Peterson was the son of a Canadian National railroad porter.
- His parents immigrated from the British West Indies and Virgin Islands.
- Peterson was the fourth of five children.
- His father, Daniel Peterson insisted that they all learn a musical instrument.
-He led the family band in concerts in a Montreal church and community halls.
- Peterson married four times and had six children from his first and third marriages.
-World War I
This major war happened between 1914–1918. The countries that participated in this war were:
Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Brazil, British Empire, Bulgaria, China, France and Colonies, German Empire, Greece, Italy, Japan, Liberia, Montenegro, Ottoman Empire, Portugal , Romania, Russia, Serbia and theUnited States of America
Historical Events
-Sinking of Titanic
The largest ship, on April 10, 1912, leaving Southampton, England, with first class, second class, and third class passengers, on its way to New York City. This ship crashed into an iceberg four days afterward; many passengers drowned in the freezing water
-Women Allowed to Vote
After Confederation in 1867, women weren't allowed to vote, but only with exceptions. Until 1918, women finally had the same rights to vote as men in the federal elections
Accomplishments and Awards cont.
Peterson, who sat atop the world of jazz piano for decades
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II shakes hands with jazz pianist Oscar Peterson (R) at Roy Thomson Hall after a gala performance in Toronto in Otc. 10, 2002





Oscar Peterson
By Kim Pham
The foremost jazz pianist in the world
Who can be a hero?
Table Of Contents
Who is Oscar Peterson
Personal Information
Early Success
Oscar Peterson's Honours
Compositions by Oscar Peterson
What made him a hero
Tributes to Oscar Peterson
Accomplishment and Awards
Eulogy of Oscar Peterson
Who is Oscar Peterson
Early Success cont.
Playing in the Alberta lounge, Oscar Peterson began impressing Americans that were visiting on holidays.
Peterson then signed a recording contract with RCA and made several tours across Canada.
He was drawn to the United States and signed a contract that made Norman Granz his manager.
Granz proved to be an excellent manager and, in 1951, had Peterson sign under the Verve recording label.
Oscar Peterson, in addition to performing in trios across several continents, began having success as a composer
Peterson became a technically brilliant and melodically inventive jazz pianist.
Oscar Peterson's Honours cont.
by Oscar Peterson
The Canadian Suite 1964
Hymn to Freedom 1962
Hallelujah Time 1963
Other Compositions (over 100 albums)
Tributes to Oscar Peterson
Accomplishments and Awards
Eulogy of Oscar Peterson
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Hallelujah Time was composed and recorded in 1963 in New York City. Below the first sheet of music for this composition.
I've Got Rhythm
(Art Tatum & Oscar Peterson)
Oscar Peterson
Trio - Cake Walk [1985]
Peterson played 100 notes when other pianists might have used ten.
The pianist's life was showcased in two films:
- Music in the key of Oscar (1995)
- The life of a Legend (1996)
In 2002, Peterson published his memoirs:The life of Oscar Peterson.
June 30, 2010, a life-sized sculpture of Peterson was placed outside the National Arts Centre in Ottawa by Queen Elizabeth.
Oscar Peterson "Place St.Henri"
Canadian Suite
Oscar Peterson - Hymn to Freedom
"Apart from perhaps [jazz pianist] Art Tatum, there has been no one in the history of jazz that has come close to his performance level and his dedication to the music." - Composer and pianist Joe Sealy
"[After his stroke] he came back and for the most part was playing with one hand...What he was able to achieve, playing with half of what most other pianists had, he was still light years ahead of everyone else." - Jazz broadcaster Ross Porter
What made him a Hero
A hero is not born, he is self-made.
Peterson embodied the highest characteristics that set him as a Canadian Hero.
A talent and creative man
Peterson was made an Officer of the Order of Canada (1984)
A Canadian Film award (1978)
The Roy Thomson Award (1987)
A Toronto Arts Award (1991)
The Governor General's Performing Arts Award (1992)
The Glenn Gould Prize (1993)
The International Society for Performing Artists (1995)
I was distracted by his name when I chose who would be my hero, but later on, I realized that Peterson was amazing musician.
Peterson will always be remembered for virtuosity as a pianist, he made hundreds of recordings in his career, even after a stroke in 1993 which disabled his left hand.
Peterson will always be here in our spirit. I thank him for all he had done for the history and future of Canadian jazz.
Oscar Peterson and sister Daisy
Oscar Peterson with his mother and brother Charles
Oscar Peterson on tour in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
"The Canadian Suite" Map
The Loyola Medal of Concordia University (1997)
The Praenium Imperiale World Art Award (1999)
The UNESCO Music Prize (2000)
The Toronto Musicians Association Musician of the Year Award (2001)
The Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame Founders' Award (2008)
Tributes to Oscar Peterson cont.
"He really put Montreal on the map of jazz" - Tracy Biddle, Peterson's friend
"The world has lost the world's greatest jazz player." - Mississauga, Ont., Mayor Hazel McCallion
"I just worshiped him as a musician...he just set the standard for jazz composition, as well as his incredible ability as a piano player." - Liberal politician, former Ontario premier
Laurentide Waltz
Place St. Henri
Hogtown Blues
Blues of the Prairies
March Past
Land of the Misty Giants
Peterson’s Honours
Academic Honours
Carleton University
Concordia University
University of Toronto
University of Victoria
York University
Berklee College of Music
McMaster University
Oscar Peterson receives his doctorate from Berklee College of Music. The honorary degree was given out at a commencement ceremony on May 19, 1984.
Oscar Peterson receiving his honorary LLD from McMaster University, Hamilton
Order of Canada
Oscar composed the Hymn to Freedom to protest against segregation and racism, and advocate liberty and equality
References Cont.
The Canadian Press. (December 24, 2007 ). Canadian jazz great Oscar Peterson dies. Retrieved May 2, 2013, from
http://www.cbc.ca/news/arts/music/story/2007/12/24/obit- peterson-oscar.html
Library and Archives Canada. (July 10, 2001). Oscar Peterson, A Jazz Sensation. Retrieved May 2, 2013, from
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