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Biometrics for Bank

No description

Tiffany Ho

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Biometrics for Bank

The Plan Over the Phone “The first time around, the ATM machine did not recognize my fingerprint, but recognized my pattern. The second time I visited the machine went smoothly.” Mike Flower, 30

“Now I can access my bank account right from the comfort of my home without the hassle of bringing my young kids to the bank with me.” Gabriella Gloves, 32

“The “double-security” of voice recognition and the four-digit pin number was very effective.” John Louis, 53 Feedback from
Previous Customers Voice recognition and a four-digit pin code when accessing accounts over the phone Access to ATM A finger-scan and fingerprint pattern upon access to the bank’s ATM Access
to Vaults -Possibly the most high security measure will be a retinal eye-scan upon access to vaults and safety deposit boxes inside the bank Further Security Protection Motion Detectors JeRaViTi Inc. Our Team Our Mission: Goals: •Prevent criminal behavior in banks

•Using the senses to create effective biometric technology

•Apply our technology in a bank

•Test our results with voluntary subjects

•Review our results and repair any flaws that may be present JeRaViTi is a committed biometric technology group that is determined to protect the treasures and earnings of citizens across America. It is unfortunate that we live in a world of such great deceit and fraud. It is frightening that some immoral people will deliberately make attempts to go against and attack other innocents.

Our team is giving our undivided attention to ensure that this will never happen to your bank account and personal belongings in a safety deposit box. Biometric Engineer
Zakhary Biometric Engineer
Ho •Our team will work alongside a renowned bank in the United States, The Bank of the United States, who had been looking for a dedicated team to reduce fraud in monetary withdrawal and robbery while presented a new and technological means of security. Objective: -Voice recognition and a four-digit pin code when accessing accounts over the phone

-A finger-scan and fingerprint pattern upon access to the bank’s ATM

-Possibly the most high security measure will be a retinal eye-scan upon access to vaults and safety deposit boxes inside the bank •Create comprehensive biometric technology that will entail: Sound, pattern, and rhythm of speech are measured and assigned a numerical score. It is then matched against those with similar scores. How Does It Work? Why You Can't Beat the System -For added security, a 4-digit pin code is required
-No one could simply make a recording and pass through their account
-Double the security Accuracy and Limitations -Getting better
-Highly susceptible to background noise
-Can be affected by the user's physical condition and the equipment used **** Accuracy
Limitations -95-98% accurate
-Accuracy depends on gender, racial characteristics, and chemical residue on the fingers, How Does It Work? An optical scanner captures an image of the ridges and furrows of the fingerprint, then compares the places where ridges end or fork to those of an image on file. Why You Can't Beat The System -For added security, a fingerprint pattern is required
-Cannot just make fake fingerprint out of gelatin or cut off a digit
-Doubles the security Accuracy and Limitations -Most accurate biometric
-Won't work on individuals who are blind or have cataracts Why You Can't Beat the System How Does It Work? -A retinal scan measures the pattern of blood vessels in the back of the eye by shining an infrared light through the pupil. -Most accurate biometric
-Holding a high-defined photo of someone's eyes will not work because it is measuring the blood vessels, unlike in an iris scan Biometric Engineer
Shashi Kumar Biometric Engineer
Gugliucci -Will be turned on after closing hours
-Will alarm if movement is detected Security Cameras -Always turned on
-Records onto computer storage Success Story In Norway, there is a high profile bank, strictly kept for the highest business officials or anyone with large amounts of money. One year, they were viciously robbed by an unknown source, and ever since then, felt the need to improve technology to ensure that that incident will never happen again. This was their plan: to make a secure area for their vault of precious information would be kept safe. How did they proceed to do it? Easy. Eye-scanner. This was no ordinary security technique. These high profile clients would be required to put their eye near the machine where they’d scan the retina-checking the veins at the back of the eye. No one can duplicate this. There was no way for there to be a breakthrough. Everything was going peaceful in this bank until there was an intruder alert-someone was trying to break in. They tried their best to try and break the security system-even used a high definition picture of a client’s eye, but that wasn’t enough. There was no way to catch the intruder. Once they found him, they were able to trace all the money that was once stolen. Biometrics caught the intruder and ensured more safety. Score. Issues of Privacy •Many citizens are wary about providing such identifying characteristics to outside sources.

•The retinal eye scan may raise an issue of privacy as it may be deemed too invasive.

• A fingerprint is one characteristic that makes a person unique. To have that on record may leave people worried and skeptical. THANK YOU!! JeRaViTi Inc. Citations -Tynan, D. Date not available. Biometrics: from reel to real [Internet]. Chicago (IL): About.com. [accessed 2013 Mar 3] Available from: http://pcworld.about.net/news/May182005id120889.htm
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