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Big, Bigger, the Biggest

ESL lesson on comparative and superlative adjectives

Dan Mahony

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Big, Bigger, the Biggest

Who's Better?
Who's the Best? World's Longest Nails (Male) (Melvin Boothe) World's Longest Nails (Female) (Lee Redmond) World's Longest Ear Hair (Radhakant Bajpai) World's Biggest Mouth (Francisco Domingo Joaquim) World's Longest Nose (Mehmet Ozyurek) World's Longest Hair (Chenq Shiquin) World's Longest Eyebrow (Leonard Traenkenschuh) World's Longest Ears (Unknown) World's Biggest Eyes (Kim Goodman) World's Biggest Biceps (Greg Valentino) World's Largest Head (Andre the Giant) World's Longest Tongue (Stephen Taylor) World's Longest Legs (Svetlana Pankratova) World's Longest Neck (Padaung Women) World's Longest Beard (Sarwan Singh) World's Longest Mustache (Badamsinh Juwansinh Gurjar) World's Most-Tattooed Senior Citizen (Isobel Varley) World's Biggest Hands (Leonid Ivanovych Stadnyk) big pretty


the prettiest beautiful

more beautiful

the most beautiful fast


the fastest good


the best one syllable two or more
syllables ending in y three or more syllables irregular adjective comparative superlative old older young the youngest dirty dirtier noisier the noisiest smaller the smallest heavy the heaviest beautiful more beautiful more intelligent the most expensive the most beautiful more expensive intelligent the oldest the dirtiest the most intelligent heavier younger expensive small noisy If an adjective has one syllable,
we add -er at the end. If an adjective has two syllables and ends in y,
we add -er at the end and change the y to an i. A few adjectives are irregular. If an adjective has three or more syllables,
we add more or the most at the beginning. let's practice! bad worse the worst bigger the biggest ugly uglier the ugliest difficult more difficult the most difficult even more practice! Mount Everest is... Cheetahs are... The River Nile is... The dog on the left is... more practice! Who is the tallest person in the class? Who is the shortest person in the class? Who is the youngest person in the class? Who is the funniest person in the class? Who is the smartest person in the class? Who has the longest hair in the class? Who is the noisiest person in the class? extra practice extra - adverbs The feather is... The Galaxy S3 is... The dress on the right is... The woman is... The man on the right is... Which man is... Usain Bolt is... Albert Einstein is... Sushi is... Which woman is... Gorillas are... but horses are... The food on the right is... The girl's face is... The bald man's head is... ...lighter than the brick. ...the fastest land animals ...newer/more modern. ...more colorful. ...the oldest. ...the longest river in the world. ...the smallest man in the world. ...the most handsome? ...the fastest sprinter in the world. ...the tallest mountain in the world. ...stronger, ...faster. ...the fattest. ...the prettiest? ...cleaner than the man's. ...smaller. ...smarter than Ki. ...healthier than fried chicken. ...sweeter. The dress on the right is... ...more colorful. The man in the waistcoat is... ...shorter. Sushi is... ...healthier than fried chicken. The shirt on the right is... ...darker. The feather is... ...lighter than the brick. The iPhone 5 is... ...smaller/slimmer. much much much a little a little a little If the difference is small,
we can use a little. If the difference is big,
we can use much. e.g. e.g. Mexican food is much spicier than Japanese food. Thailand is much warmer than Norway. In winter, Busan is a little warmer than Seoul.
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