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Ann Taylor

No description

Allison Coontz

on 13 July 2011

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Transcript of Ann Taylor

Casual Maternity Weddings &
Events Accessories Business Attire Swimwear Corporate merchandise Problems/Issues $79.99 Ann Taylor Brand Differentiation Brand Extension shoes cosmetics Targeting Niche SWOT Analysis Lack of differentiation Successful competitors Financial Analysis $39.99 Loft S
T Competitive Analysis Potential Entrants Substitutes Supplier/Buyer Power Rivalry Brand recognition PEST Analysis P
D Targeting the 35 + niche business cycle change in work attitudes baby boomer demographic business attire change real estate expansion regulatory changes from economic downturn Segment/Trend Analysis Retail
Industry: - discount mass merchandise
- multitier department store
- specialty store chain Industry
Trends: - need for brand proliferation - single product focus increases risk COO
Laura Weil CMO
Elaine Boltz Management Turnover target age groups, income disparities Recommendations Differentiation:
- Programs to attract talented management personnel
- Creative & innovative advertisting/marketing programs
- Technology development Brand Extension:
- Reduce brand proliferation
- Focus on core competencies Targeting a Niche
- Avoid reliance on online stores
- M&A and outsourcing
- Children's collections online stores
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