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Copy of Copy of Extended Project Presentation

Presentation on my Extended Project

sarah beale

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Extended Project Presentation

Extended Project Presentation...
Second Idea...
Extended Project Ideas
First Idea...
Part 2: The Project
Part 1: Initial Ideas...
What I came up with...
Step 2
Current A-Level Subjects
Possible Ideas
Forensic techniques
Forensic Investigation is the one subject that I am so keen on studying at university; therefore it was easy for me to choose the main topic for my project.
Due to this reason I was excited to choose it for my main project
My first initial idea was to do something
using my biology A-level on fingerprinting,
but I was struggling to find something that I
haven't already studied
It is because of this that I had to change my idea so I went back to the drawing board.
The Project...
Extended Project Presentation
My Project
My projects title is: what developments in forensic techniques occurred between 1800 and 1930 and what is the most significant technique when applied to modern day forensic analysis?
I initially chose to do it on this topic due to it being a vast and interesting topic and because it related to my university choice.
Therefore, I had a huge amount of information to have access to.
Project Plan...
When I carried out my plan I looked at the many different techniques that I could use to incorporate within my work.
The number of techniques available were difficult to choose from and the amount of data available on the techniques were variable
The choice of technique defined the choice of timeline used. This is because the data from each technique needed to have some sort of significance to moden day forensic science.
Project Outline ...
The second half of my project placed all the information gathered from the individual techniques and analysed which was the most significant in modern day forensics.
My project describe the four techniques; ballistics, fingerprint identification, serology and toxicology and analysed how each of the techniques worked and what their history was between 1800 and 1930.
Resources Used...
I used a variety of sources these include:
Online Journals
Online Articles
Problems I Faced...
The techniques that I wanted to choose was problematic because I was unable to find sufficient details on them for the stated timeline of between 1800 and 1930
•Only secondary sources were used because the meetings I set up to achieve primary data were cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.
•I faced a problem of learning many new terms and ideas that were interesting but were also very complex.
Skills I learnt/developed...
I improved my Time Management skills
I developed my skill to successfully extract bits of information from large sources of information
I also learned how to use Prezi
Next Time...
If I had to start my project again from scratch I would have...
Used more Books to add to my information
I would have tried to find more information by using questionnaires and surveys.
Created a document where I could evaluate my work as I went along
what developments in forensic techniques occurred between 1800 and 1930 and what is the most significant technique when applied to modern day forensic analysis?
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