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No description

Young Jun Kong

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of CPS


(Chassis Positioning System)
CPS is Yard Trailer / Container Truck
automation parking system
for loading and discharging container
CPS system sets GC , STS or RTG
center position with Laser Sensor
counts distance
between YT and spreader center position when YT is coming

shows distance
to driver
* GC : Gantry Crane
STS : Ship to Shore Crane
RTG : Rubber tyred gantry crane
LED : Light-emitting diode
Features of CPS
Main expected effect
of CPS
1. Work time reduction
> GC / STS driver
can control

> All work types can
support without setting
(empty, single, twin, combine, 20', 40', 45')
2. Stability
Flash light works
when truck stops at center position to recognize GC/STS driver
> System
not affects external environment
System is using internal data
Features of CPS
5. Simple user controls
> All users
set only lane
by computer or mobile device
Features of CPS
1. Truck position check automatically
> CPS system checks truck
entering position
with 1 scanner

(Left -> Right) or (Right -> Left)
Features of CPS
2. Digital Display
> LED displays
digital number
to trucker understand easily
Features of CPS
3. Laser Scanner
High quality laser scanner
trucks location correctly in case of bad weather
Less margin of error

Features of CPS
4. Lane Controller
> High quality
tilt controller and
control board
moves setting
by lane
± 25 mm (1 m ~10 m)
± 35 mm (10 m ~ 20 m)
± 50 mm (20 m ~ 30 m)

System diagram
Laser Scanner : 1 qty
Pan/Tilt driver : 1 qty
Controller : 1 qty
LED Display : 2 qty
Basket : 1 qty
Server Computer : 1qty
Hub : 1 qty
AVR : 1 qty
Miscellaneous materials : pipe, data cable, power cable, structure, flash light
System diagram
1. Laser Scanner
> Installed on Basket
System diagram
2. Pan/Tilt driver
> Installed on Basket
System diagram
3. Controller
> Installed on Basket
System diagram
4. LED Display
> Installed on end of travelling rail
LED Status
LED Status
Color, Arrow, OK, Lane status
Can be changed by user request
LED Status
1. Single or Twin ' To Go '
> Red Color
LED Status
2. Single or Twin ' To Back '
> Green Color
LED Status
4. Combine Front Container ' To Go/Back '
> Check Middle Values (Yellow)
LED Status
5. Combine Rear Container ' To Go/Back '
> Check Middle Values (Yellow)
To reduce user setting on computer combine job is using middle LED signal
> : go
< : back
> : go
< : back
LED Status
3. Single or Twin ' OK '
> Yellow Color
LED Status
6. Combine Front/Rear Container 'OK'
> Check Middle Values (Yellow)
System diagram
5. Basket
> Installed on Seal Beam
System diagram
6. Server Computer, AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator), Hub
> Installed on Under Box
System diagram
On Basket
1. Laser Scanner
2. Pan/Tilt driver
3. Controller
In Under Box
1. Server Operation PC
2. AVR
(Automatic Voltage Regulator)
3. Hub
On LED Display
1. LED Display
2. Flash Light
Control, Sensor Pipe
LED Pipe
System operation diagram
Control, Sensor Pipe
LED 1 Pipe
LED 2 Pipe
Under Box
(How CPS works on lane)
User should set working lane on Apron
Sensor position is moving by user lane setting

Set Lane 1
Set Lane 2
Set Lane 3
Set Lane 4
Set Lane 5
Tally, GC driver
Control center
could set lane
GC Driver by computer
Tally by mobile
Control Center
by computer
LED displays OK when YT stop on center position
When YT is coming on sensor position system

YT size
(20`, 40`, twin, empty) and
position automatically
System display position count directly
Other lanes working is
not disturbance
CPS Real Operation (loading)
1. YT is coming for loading (Twin)
CPS Real Operation (loading)
2. CPS system is counting center position
CPS Real Operation (loading)
3. LED displays OK signal of spread center position
CPS operation systems calculates center
container start
position and
container end
position (for Loading)
CPS Real Operation (loading)
4. YT is parking center position and waiting spreader
CPS operation system counts center
Start Position
End Position
CPS Real Operation (loading)
5. Spreader picks containers correctly
CPS Real Operation (YouTube video operation)

1. Only 1 scanner covers all container type and YT entrance
> 20`, 40`, twin, empty, combine
> Right to Left and Left to Right
"Supports system reasonable Price"
2. Simple H/W structure and high quality S/W

"Supports quick installation and stable system "
3. All user have to do is only lane setting

"User friendly system "
"Thank You
for your watching"
1. Twin loading
2. Twin Discharging
3. Loading (40`)
4. Discharging
(20` single rear)
5. Combine Loading
6. Combine Discharging
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